Passive Agreessive Females

Passive Agreessive Females

Passive Agreessive Females

Most signs of Passive Aggressiveness are similar regardless of gender. Unfortunately, some women intentionally make passive aggressiveness a habit. Some however, do it out of fear and as a way of protecting themselves from harm. Women are very good at playing passive aggressive victims. With all the negative energy, they portray you as a villain, forgetting that some of their actions are not to perfection.

How Females Express Passive Aggressive Behavior

1. Body Language

body language

The beauty of communication lies in the aspect of verbal and non-verbal communication abilities. The mouth can be saying how you are okay and not mad at a certain instance. Your body language on the other hand is screaming all the anger signs.

2. Silent Treatment

silent treatment

Women have perfected the art of silence treatment. Silence has apparently proved to work magic in the past. A trick that most females use to make the other party feel guilty, is do their expected duties as expected, but keeps to themselves.

3. Being Judgmental

being judgmental

There is nothing worse than being judged out of ignorance. Unfortunately, some female species are quick to judgment. The least you can do is try to know someone, what they do, and why they behave the way they do, before jumping to conclusions.

4. Reorganizing Already Organized Stuff

reorganizing already organized stuff

There is the OCD woman who reorganizes stuff, either to create an impression that you are pathetic at organizing stuff or simply because you didn’t meet their perfection bar. When they are asked if anything is wrong, they play the “everything is great” card.

How to Co-Exist With Passive Aggreressive Females

1. Adhering to the Rules

adhering to the rules

To avoid negative energy in a relationship for instance, the man should seriously take up his responsibilities. Pay bills on time, keeping your closet organized, and looking after yourself are some of the things around the house that can turn away the negative energy.

2. Spending a Lot of Time Together

spending a lot of time together

Spending time together makes people learn about each other more. It creates room for communication, which helps solve many issues. Time spend together creates good influence hence positive energy as opposed to one party diverting their time to like-minded personas.

3. Creating a Connection

creating a connection

A connection can be created by making an effort to spend as much time together. It creates a sense of belonging, and a safe environment for women. In the end, they will open up more and see no need of protecting themselves.

4. Stay Calm in Solving Issues

stay calm in solving issues

Some women become passive aggressive as a way of protecting themselves from the unknown. Whenever there is a conflict, it is wise to maintain your cool. Over reacting could just frighten them further into withdrawing and keeping to themselves.

Passive aggression is not a permanent situation. With relevant support, any kind of gender can change their ways to foster a peaceful co-existence. As much as symptoms of passive aggressiveness are the same, females have different ways of exuding the negative energy compared to male species.