Entrepreneurs learn to push boundaries early... Is your child a rule-bender too? 

Entrepreneurs learn to push boundaries early... Is your child a rule-bender too? 

Entrepreneurs learn to push boundaries early... Is your child a rule-bender too? 

Parenting is a hard task and especially when it relates to being a would-be entrepreneur, it becomes all the more difficult. These budding entrepreneurs follow their rules and their approach to a task at hand differs from the rest.  The traditional system of education is more focused on books along with theoretical knowledge, which puts the creativity part on the back bench. Instead of the schools encouraging the buddy entrepreneurs, what best they do is to suppress them. So if you are looking to grooming your child to be an entrepreneur here are some rules that you could follow in the interest of your child.

Reward the creative part


Praising Children at Being Clever

Usually, parents focus too much on grades and consider as a success parameter. However, it is always better to focus on the art and skill of the children. Rather than zeroing in on the bad grades, focus on the strengths of your child. Look out for the areas where they are succeeding. Look at the activities which your little ones enjoy doing and encouraging them to take it up more. With the motivation and better inspiration, they can do well in the concerned sectors and provide the best of their skills.

The balancing between enforcing rules and encouraging creativity depends on a trial and error formula. To encourage your child to be an entrepreneur, look up to the sweet spot of the child that can boost his strength on positive factors rather demotivating him because of lack of expected knowledge in a few areas.

Strict no to medication

no meds

Teach Mindfulness

Unless it is a severe issue, say a strict no to any form of medication. Is being a good student and having an excellent academic record, the only objective in life?  Most entrepreneurs will tell you for a fact that they hated school and never had any great academic records to boost as well. That does not mean that they were having problems with knowledge, but the perspectives of knowledge were different for them than other kids of the same age group.

Encourage them to have Personal Missions

personal mission

Positive Affirmations for Kids

If young people are open to the process, make them write a personal mission statement. These revelations lead to a deeper sense of meaning and more about the child is highlighted. This is a powerful statement as the mission is the groundwork for something bigger to emerge in the days to come. If a kid can understand what he cannot do in life, then they will be successful for sure.

Encourage them to take up difficult things


Ingrain Positive Thoughts in Children

One common point of all the entrepreneurs is that they live and die with courage. You could encourage your child to do hard things in life and support them consciously if they are likely to encounter failure. Slowly and steadily one needs to understand that moral, emotional and social development can work wonders for your child.