Passive Personality

Passive Personality

Passive Personality

A Passive Aggressive person is the one who avoids conflict at all cost. For a passive person the path of least resistance is the right one even if it means to accept things the way they are. The primary motive of a person harboring passive personality is to withdraw and avoid confrontation with no regards for self-satisfaction.

1. Seeking Approval from Others

seeking approval from others

Individuals with a passive personality are mostly hesitant and scared. Prior to proceeding for anything they seek permission from others. They are frightened of upsetting anyone and thus, seek approval from them before speaking to them.

2. Broken Speech

broken speech

A passive personality lacks confidence and therefore, making person with it incapable of expressing themselves strongly and clearly. While they speak they often hesitate, fumble and are a loss for words as they are under confident.

3. Belittling Self

belittling self

People having a passive personality think very low of themselves. They belittle their ideas, opinions and self-esteem resulting in being insulted and teased by people with aggressive traits. They always think of themselves as worthless and of no value to anyone.

4. Putting Others First

putting others first

Another distinguishing characteristic a person with passive personality exhibits is of selflessness. They tend to put preferences, opinions, views and happiness of other first even before their own. They strive towards making other happy over themselves.

5. Self-Criticism

self criticism

Passive people are bound set unrealistic demands for themselves. Failure to which leads them to believe that they not worthy of success. Moreover when they see others achieving their goals they start of think very high of others and very low of their own.

6. Avoiding Eye Contact

avoiding eye contact

Passive people avoid eye contact while talking or addressing someone because of the simple fact that they lack confidence. They can’t meet the gaze of a person out of the fear of not standing true that person’s expectation.

7. Soft Spoken with Low Volume

soft spoken with low volume

Passive people are soft spoken and their volume is barely audible. The reason being that they are mostly afraid and nervous and the same in reflected in their voice and speech. Also they believe in talking peacefully without any intention for a fight and thus, often speak very softly.

8. Discomfort Clearly Visible

discomfort clearly visible

When discomforting situations arise, people with a passive personality fail to hide it. Their discomfort can be clearly gauzed by their behavior, body language and speech. Even though they might appear confident but they actually are not and it is easily visible.

Passive people are a mixture of humility and self-depreciation. Even more they constantly live under a shadow of fear and anxiety. So if you think you have any of the above characteristics is high time for you to change your personality.