How to Handle Failure and Shame Successfully

How to Handle Failure and Shame Successfully

How to Handle Failure and Shame Successfully

So you have tried and failed. This is a phase where you could possibly be overcome with guilt, shame and even fear! Don’t be! The best part about this whole deal is that you deigned to at least try!!

Handling failure is as tough as succeeding. This is a fact. Most of us acknowledge that some of the greatest men and women on this earth have once failed miserably. But they kept on trying and hence got to the pinnacle of success. Even though we are well informed about these pointers, there is more possibility of us sinking into the misery for few days, trying to cope. This is when you have to embrace the ultimate truth and let go.

Handling failure and shame can be tackled effectively, once you know what to absorb and where to look. Here are five truths that you must know while dealing with shame and failure.

Do NOT Make This Personal


How to stop taking things personally

The whole problem lies in the fact that we tend to ‘personalize’ our failures. Blame ourselves for it. It is rather important to dissect the stuff here. The failure and your identity. Make no mistake, both are not the same. Failure is an act, you are you. Mixing up the act of failure with your personality is what makes you think that you are a failure. You are not a failure, you have just failed in one of the many things in life.

Learn, Absorb, Move On


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A lot of damage control happens with how fast you move on from the failure. Get up, learn from your mistakes and move on to something new. Dwelling on the same failure over and over again tends to pull you down, making you unable to move forward. Analyse why you have failed. Understand the drawbacks and make notes. Move on to try again or try something new.

Stop Ranting

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Let It Go

It is a common notion that 10 percent don’t understand what you are going through and 90 percent actually don’t care!! Going on ranting about your failure will make you look like a miserable wretch. You are an easy target, and the next possible outcast from the group that thinks in the lines of success. Make sure not to slump to that position. Stop ranting and act quickly.

Change Your Perspective


Changing your view actually can bring in a paradigm shift in the things to come. Once you start looking at things differently and from a better perspective, rest automatically starts falling in place. It is very important to not be riddled with the common prejudices surrounding failure. Learn to look at things differently and the angle that really helps resolve the matter. You may be instantly successful in the very next attempt.

Have a High Value Mindset

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Failure Opened My Eyes

Handling failure is a mind game. Rise your thoughts above the small talk. Have thoughts of high value, the thoughts that actually look beyond and reap results. Do not let one failure take you down for good. You are bigger than your adversities.

Handle failure and shame with grace. Walk with your head held high and you will see the way out, winning hearts.