Easy Ways to Maintain a High Self-worth during Unemployment

Easy Ways to Maintain a High Self-worth during Unemployment

Easy Ways to Maintain a High Self-worth during Unemployment

Of all the things that can cause tremendous stress and a low self-worth in a person, unemployment definitely makes it to the top three. Unemployment can have quite a devastating impact on a person’s well-being, emotional as well as physical. It can lead to depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and if its lasts for long, even isolation from friends and family.

Many times it so happens that we are stuck in a job we don’t enjoy or that doesn’t pay well. Maybe our boss or our team lead doesn’t give us the appreciation or promotion or the recognition that we deserve.

So, how do you maintain your self-esteem and self-worth during such tough times? Here are a few easy ways you could try to practice and reinforce when going through a phase of unemployment

1. Don’t Sit Idle at Home

dont sit idle at home

One of the major reasons for your self-worth taking a hit is sitting idle at home. An empty mind is a devil’s workshop. Sitting idle can take a toll on your mind. It can pull you into a negative loop. So, instead of sitting idle at home, go out. Meet friends, attend workshops or take up a sport. Basically, engage yourself in an activity that you enjoy or that might increase your chances of employment.

2. Keep a Schedule

keep a schedule

Being at home can make you lazy and pull you out of the schedule. It is important to maintain a schedule. Try to wake up at the same time you would when you had to reach office. If you have fallen out of schedule, join a yoga class or gym to help you wake up on time. An early start to your day can help you in feeling positive. Eat your meals on time, keep aside a set time to apply to new jobs and follow up on your previous applications.

3. Take Care of Yourself

take care of yourself

Try spending more time with yourself. Read books that interest you, even some self-help ones. Exercise and look good, meditate, take up an evening class on a subject you have always wanted to study. Do all those things that make you feel better about yourself, which you normally could not create time for while you were working. Read, exercise, take up a hobby, meditate, take up a volunteer work, and keep a diary and pen down your positive and negative thoughts.

4. Find an Alternative Source of Income

find alternative income

This is a time when you need to stop brooding over being unemployed and use your degree, experience and knowledge to find an alternative source of income. It could be anything ranging from online blogging to giving lectures at a college or taking home tuitions or helping a friend in his business.

5. Be Patient

be patient

It is important for you to understand that there are various reasons for unemployment such as economy slow down, no demand for a certain skill set or your experience and qualifications not matching the current job opening. Job search is a game of patience. The right job will come to you at the right time. It is important to be patient and divide your focus between job hunt and personal development and care.