Best ways to Avoid Nepotism Charges

Best ways to Avoid Nepotism Charges

Best ways to Avoid Nepotism Charges

Commonly, a family business is run by two or more family members and often, friends or people from the extended family are hired to fill in the suitable positions. Such scenario easily evokes the fear of nepotism in others who are not related to the employer. Even in organisations and companies, managers are always at a risk of being accused of nepotism though they may have no intentions of doing so. In case the members of a close family circle are working in the same office or a post is being awarded to anyone who is believed to know the concerned manager outside the workplace, creates a doubt of favouritism in the minds of fellow workers.

Sometimes it may become impossible for the employers and managers to rebuff the charges of nepotism. Hence, it is always advised to draft out the necessary measures.

Here are some best ways to completely avoid nepotism charges:

1. Ensure Not to Involve Family Members or Friends in the Process of Performance Appraisal of Employees

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Follow a 360-degree employee evaluation that excludes family members and friends from the process. It ensures a quality appraisal based on unbiased judgement. Encourage employees to opt for fair practices and put in their hundred percent effort to enhance productivity at the workplace.

2. Clearly State the Criterion for Promotion

clearly state the criterion for promotion

Advertise the in-depth criterion required for the upcoming promotion in the organisation. It should be clear to your employees that those who excel in the set parameters will be the only ones to get shortlisted and eventually promoted. The detailed advertising makes it clear to the employees that it’s not merely a formality and nepotism wont help them in getting the desired promotion.

3. Share Details of Achievements With Facts About the Candidate Selected for Promotion

clearly state the criterion for promotion

If a family member or friend happens to be chosen for the promotion, make sure to point out the margin by which the candidate successfully cleared the criteria and made it above the others competing for the position.

4. Avoid Being a Part of the Interview Panel When Your Family Members, Friends or Acquaintances Apply for the Vacant Post

clearly state the criterion for promotion

When you invite some known faces for the interview, make sure to cast yourself out of the interview panel and allow the interview to be conducted by a third party. By doing so, you save yourself from the accusations of nepotism if your relative, friend or family is selected based on merit and experience. Also, it is always prudent not to work in the same department.

5. Be Courageous to Layoff Relatives When They Underperform

 be courageous to layoff relatives when they underperform

If people related to you continuously underperform and a situation arises to dismiss the underperformers, then don’t hesitate to discharge them of the duties. You would like to be mentally prepared beforehand to perform this difficult task. It is far better to be accused by a relative than bear the brunt of accusations of nepotism from your employees. Your acute action will have a positive impact on raising the morale of fellow employees.

6. Enquire the Matter Deeply When Nepotism Gets Reported

 enquire the matter deeply when nepotism gets reported

If you ignore the charges of nepotism on fellow worker or manager of your team then beware, you could be charged for the same. Understand the gravity of the matter and take appropriate action. If possible, set an enquiry panel for investigation and demand the outcome within stipulated time frame. If the accused is guilty then do what best suits the situation even if it includes transferring to a different department or writing an apology.

cautious and be prepared

A sword of suspicion hangs over the head of a person with authority. Be cautious and be prepared.