11 Things To Give Up To Be Truly Happy

11 Things To Give Up To Be Truly Happy

11 Things To Give Up To Be Truly Happy

This isn't the first time you've heard someone say that happiness is a choice. In a life full of exciting options and changes to be happy, there is rarely any room for sadness. But to be truly happy, you need to stop doing or thinking about certain things. Here are 11 things you must give up now.

1. Stop Being A People Pleaser


It is easy to try to please other people and forget the happiness of oneself. The majority of the people you are trying to make happy won't even care to notice. Put yourself on the front line and be your priority. Be a happy you and people will begin to accept you for who you are.

2. Don't Blame Anyone For Your Shortcomings

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It is easy to blame other people for your mistakes because it is the simplest thing to do. Why not accept your errors and then you can find someone to help you fix them.

3. Give Up Holding On To Wrongs And Forgive Others

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Holding on to resentment won't kill the person who wronged you. Instead of filling your heart with hate and anger to the brim, forgive and let go. The protocol is simpler than you think. Often, letting go develops more strength than holding on.

4. Give Up Comparing Yourself To People Who Are Better Than You


Understand one thing: There is always someone out there who is better than you. But that doesn’t make you a less special individual anyway. Everyone is gifted in a special way. Remember that there is something unique about you that nobody else has.

5. Give Up The Relationship That Adds No Value To Your Life


A relationship that has already hit a rock bottom is always difficult to revive. More often than not, investing in it will not add any value to your life. If you know for sure you can’t change anything, accept it. Mind your peace and remind yourself that not everything is worth your time.

6. Give Up Complaining When Things Go Wrong

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It is easy to curl yourself up in a ball and start complaining when things go wrong, but being a chronic complainer won't really change anything. First, find someone who has been through a difficult experience, something similar to what you are complaining about, and ask him or her for help. Then, remind yourself that not everything is wrong.

7. Give Up Taking Blames On Behalf Of Others


Have you ever loved someone so much that you'd do anything for him or her, including taking blames on their behalf? Eventually, you are going to get hurt, or maybe worse. So, instead of sympathizing with others when they make mistakes, try to help them fix their messes.

8. Give Up The Past


It is easy to keep the past in mind. Yes, it is hard to forget those days, especially if they 'awarded' you with terrible experiences despite the good things you did. But you need to remember that you will never live the past again. It is long gone. Focus on making yourself happy now and hope for a better future.

9. Give up your fears


Jim Carrey, America's top comedian, already made it clear. He said that fear is going to be a part of your life. But in deciding how much fear there is to worry about, he urges everyone to do things based on love. So, instead of having the worries of life, let love and confidence lead you.

10. Give Up Your Excuses


Excuses are often fake. And they won’t make you be heard. Instead of bombarding someone with reasons that don’t add up, act mature

and accept your faults.

11. Give Up Blaming Others


Nothing is as easy as blaming others, isn't it? Don't we feel better when we know we can win an argument that is rightly our own fault? Do not fool yourself that winning by blaming others makes you a hero. In fact, it puts you at the top of the list of the saddest people alive.