10 Best Feminist Posters

10 Best Feminist Posters

10 Best Feminist Posters

Feminists have played a significant role in bringing change to women’s issues over the years. One of the most cost effective ways they have used to vent out their issues is through posters. With social media being the most used platform for communication, you can showcase your poster with the hashtag #BeBoldForChange. You can even go to the International Women’s day website https://www.internationalwomensday.com  and download posters that will declare your bold action. To bring you some inspiration for that day, here are the 10 best feminist posters that you can also hang on your wall.

1. We Can Do It

we can do it

This is one of the most used feminist posters in the world. While it started out as a motivational poster for female employees working in Westinghouse in World War 2; it continues to be used as a tool of bringing awareness on gender inequality.

2. Votes for Women

hilda dallas

This art deco poster was designed by Hilda Dallas in 1909. The poster advertised the weekly suffragette newspaper Votes for Women. This poster is also a reminder of how far women have come and how they fought for their freedom to vote.

3. We the People

we the people

This poster design features vibrant colors with a woman’s face and can be used to contest their validation. It also comes with different slogans like We The People: Are Greater Than Fear, and We The People Defend Dignity

4. The Future is Female

future is female

In today’s world, women are taking on different roles including those which were mostly known to be for men. They are working as engineers, pilots and even in the military. This poster celebrates the success of women in various fields.

5. Keep Your Tiny Hands off My Rights

keep your tiny hands off my rights

This poster uses humor, rhyme and a conservative tone to pass a serious message on women’s issue. It brings forth the message of women having the same equal rights as their male counterparts whether in politics or careers which are male dominated.

6. Girls are Powerful

girls are powerful

This poster is written by former See Red members who were radical feminists. It was made in 1973, to fight sexism, sexual inequality, and domestic violence.

7. Nevertheless, She Persisted


For many years women have been demonstrating and speaking out so that their voices can be heard especially in male-dominated fields. This poster slogan reminds women to keep persisting even when they are not heard. According to www.vox.com the hashtag #ShePersisted is a modern feminist statement.

8. Women’s Rights Are Human Rights

 womens rights are human rights

Women of color in the Middle East countries have been fighting for equality, justice, and dignity. Even one of the most popular women in politics Hillary Clinton declared Women’s Rights Are Human Rights. This is a poster that advocates for women’s right in every country.

9. Rage Against the Patriarch

 rage against the patriarch

This poster is best fit for speaking against anyone who is sexist. It is a way of talking about racial discrimination, rape, and female genital mutilation.

10.  A Woman’s Place Is In The Struggle


This poster shows how women have played an integral part in making history, which includes the abolition of slavery and civil rights movement.