9 Negotiation Tips For Introverts

9 Negotiation Tips For Introverts

9 Negotiation Tips For Introverts

Everyone in a professional role needs good negotiating skills to land a lucrative job opportunity or business deal. This skill is even more essential for an introvert who would rather be quiet influencers, shy away from arguments and be less socially engaging. Introverts can be highly effective negotiators when they make the most of their quiet, natural strengths. So to ensure you as an introvert are not overlooked and underestimated, use the following 9 negotiation tips.

1. Take Advantage Of The Digital Media

take advantage of the digital media

In today’s world, digital media is an advantage to an introvert. Using the different social media platforms, you can communicate your thoughts as well as ideas and better manage your communication. In the process, you stimulate conversation and eliminate the face to face negotiations.

2. Embrace Who You Are


As an introvert, you focus on careful thought and depth before speaking. This will help understand a different perspective of the people you are negotiating with and use their emotion to unlock the best deals. Using your skills as a listener will make it easier for you to pinpoint what the other person wants.

3. Do Your Research


Doing research on the end results you want, will help the negotiation become a win-win.  You will have all the required knowledge to close a deal, support your negotiation views and ensure you focus on one particular agenda.

4. Practice And Rehearse In Advance


Knowing what to say can boost your confidence and negotiation skills. Rehearsing in advance will help you come up with objections and responses that the other person might say. With a few detailed sentences, you can capture people’s attention and make your point be heard.

5. Be Nice


Winning a negotiation does not mean you have to be loud and unpleasant. Negotiations tend to be successful when both parties are happy and satisfied with the deal. As an introvert realize that being less aggressive works to your advantage as you will foster long-lasting business relations.

6.  Make Eye Contact


Making eye contact as often as possible during negotiations can portray you as a confident person. People will listen to your more seriously when you pleasantly look them right in the eye as you put your main points across.

7. Pause In Between


When you feel the negotiation is heading into a worst case scenario then taking a break can help you gauge whether you should walk away from the deal. If you intend to continue, then a pause can help you come up with a better alternative to present to the other side. A break can even stimulate the other party to explain their side further which will give you a better angle to tackle the negotiation.

8. Ask Open-ended Questions

ask open questions

Introverts have listening skills that make them one of the best negotiators. Asking insightful questions will not only help you gather information for your next move, but also figure out what the other party wants. Through positive answers, you can steer the conversation to achieve the outcome you want.

9. Let The Other Party Start The Discussion

let the other party start the discussion

Let the person you are negotiating with first air out what they actually want. This strategy can help you figure out the worst case scenario.