7 Career Mistakes to Avoid in 2017

7 Career Mistakes to Avoid in 2017

7 Career Mistakes to Avoid in 2017

Are you looking to have a more successful career in the year 2017? Well, you need to take a minute and try to avoid 7 grave career mistakes in 2017. Below you will find the best advice from career strategists and millionaires regarding a strong start to the new year regarding your career.

1. Do not be Guided by Fear When Moving Forward

dont afraid of moving forward

The biggest career mistake that a professional can make is taking action under the impact of fear. When you make any career decision, do not tend to vacillate whether to do or not to do. This will bring about only disappointments and unsatisfactory results from your pursuit. An unfulfilling path is the direct consequence of fear of failure.

2. Lose the Very Sight of Career

lose sight of career

At times, individuals get too much engrossed in their daily life and activities to lose the sight of their career. You may be busy with tasks that will not reap any long-term benefits but tend to ruin your career. Many times, professionals choose jobs and projects as per the salary and location. But then, you should refrain from doing so and carefully think whether there is any chance of promotion or how it will help your career and improve learning.

3. Laying Emphasis on Finding One’s Passion

laying emphasis on passion

Everyone has that one true calling, and this can be crushing. There are many who just pressurize themselves to find the mission in life. This again brings about angst and disappointments. Start with smaller projects and just love what you do. It is a waste of time to think too much about the passion.

4. Asking for More Money

asking high salary

When you are into a new job, do not ask for more and more money. Negotiating on too few variables will not do any good. You can ask for flexible hours and more of vacation time instead.

5. Do not be Complacent!

dont be complacent

Many young professionals just have the wrong notion that the company cannot function or survive without them. If you think that the company will fail to deliver itself without you, then you are just fooling yourself. The company can feel a bit of pressure without you, but you will be replaced at some point in time.

6. Paying Heed to Others Comments on You

dont take criticism seriously

Avoid taking others’ comments seriously when they define you. If anyone criticizes you or defines your capability, do not take that seriously. It will only lead to distraction and move you away from the career and success path. In short, do not take the words of others too seriously.

7. Not Being Professional

be professional with colleagues

Do you think that it is of no use maintaining a professional relationship? You are wrong, and thus you need to have only a professional relationship with your employer and the firm. Attend all the company’s events and do not avoid them. You may be in good terms with the company, but it is crucial to be professional.

Your career is the most important aspect of your life. You need to avoid the above seven mistakes if you wish to be successful in your professional life.