7 Ways to Look Rich

7 Ways to Look Rich

7 Ways to Look Rich

It does not matter why you want to do it but if you wish to appear opulent and rich to the people around you, there is nothing that can stop you from doing it. We all know that some people are born rich while some get lucky and make quick big bucks and they continue to live luxurious lifestyles. These are the people who are found most at the trendiest designer boutique as well as in the biggest and most expensive cars in the town.

Although most of us tend to just stare in awe and amazement at the expensive toys and clothes the rich display, there is always an inner voice telling you that you can also live like them.

These are a few simple and easy-to-follow tips that are bound to make you look rich:

1. Look Busy

look busy

If you have ever noticed, the really rich people are constantly busy with work and business or with family and other organizations. They always seem to be going to a party or a charity ball. Whatever be the reason, the rich folks surely like to stay busy.

You can also seem busy by subtly cancelling plans with other people and make them believe that you might be busy with a more important task.

2. Branding

branded clothes

This refers to buying branded clothing whenever you can. Although in-season brand clothes tend to be expensive, you can always find something affordable at the last season’s rack. As long as it is branded, no one will bother to notice that you are wearing a designer creation which is a few months old.

3. Rich Company

rich company

We don’t advise you to become a ‘yes man’ to any rich person, but do find an authentic relation, business or personal, with affluent crowd of the city. This makes you a visible part of their entourage and people will certainly notice the rich company that you keep.

4. Rent a Car

rent a car

This is one of the safest and surefire ways to make an impression of richness. It does not matter that you can’t afford the Bentley or the Rolls, you can always rent a high-end sports car or a luxury vehicle at any of the national car rentals around your city.

This is great for meeting up with acquaintances and old friends after a long time.

5. Accessorize


Although there are plenty of options for women when it comes to designer accessories, the market for men’s luxury accessories in somewhat limited. However, expensive branded and designer watches are worn by both sexes and they tend to make for interesting conversation starters as well.

Include a designer or a branded watch in your accessories before stepping out; it can always be the most inexpensive one on the designer range but it is sure to do the trick.

6. Dignified


Richness does not come from flaunting wealth recklessly. Rather, the richest people on this planet tend to be the most dignified ones too.

Being dignified also means that you do not have to talk much and disclose much information about yourself. The air of mystery created so will add to the attractive quotient in your favor.

7. Online Persona

online persona

The internet and the social media in particular, are responsible for making and breaking many legends and myths. Social media also provides the best platform to display your richness.

Ensure that the photographs and videos uploaded by you online are of mostly exotic locations and products, such as the Caribbean, France, etc as well as about stuffs like wines, fast cars, and yachts.

These are the 7 ways to look rich even if you are not. Following these steps diligently is sure to help you not only improve your standing amongst peers but will also make you appear a few steps ahead of them.