5 Ways to Persuade People to Say Yes

5 Ways to Persuade People to Say Yes

5 Ways to Persuade People to Say Yes

It is true that not all have the capacity to persuade people. The art of persuasion is inherent in some who get things done very easily. To convince others and make them say YES is a rare talent. Do you think mastering the art of conquering hearts is enough to convince them? No, you have to know a little about the person to whom you are going to talk.

You should find out a perfect time to get a favorable reply from them. The next step is to talk with confidence. Play with words to create a lasting impression about yourself. Then your ability to convince will work wonders for you.

There are actually 5 tricks to make people say Yes. They are

1. Understand What People Like to Do

undersatnnd what people like to do

It is a common thing that people like to do what the majority do. So to convince people, first understand what is famous among them. Even though everyone wants to be unique, there is something that all will like to do and follow. Try to understand that to influence people. A typical example of mob mentality is a stock market boom and crash. The mob mentality causes fluctuations in the prices of shares and stocks in the stock markets. If a majority of people wants to buy a particular company's share, everyone will start buying it. Gradually, the individual price of that share increases.

2. Make Them Understand the Benefits of the Deal

make them understand the benefits

After getting a clear picture as to what majority like to do, the next step is to inform them about the benefits of the deal. Try to convince people by telling the benefits they are going to reap out of the deal. It is not only you but also your prospective client or customer who also going to be benefited.

3. Your Suggestion Should Rub Out the Fear in People

suggestion should rub out the people

Your suggestion should help people get rid of the fear in their minds. If you want to ask permission from your boss to work from home, don't tell that bluntly. Otherwise, the result will be negative. Instead, find ways to convince him that working from home would be more effective than coming to the office.

4. Build Trust

build trust

If you want to get a big deal out of people, you have to build trust initially. Once you have built trust, you can ask for something bigger. For example, you are going to face an interview tomorrow; you are planning to get tips from your mentor. Don't ask too many questions which will irritate him. Ask some basic 5-6 questions initially that will help you to gain confidence. Gradually, you can ask more questions.

5. Use the Words 'Why' and 'Because' Frequently

use why and because frequently

Explain as much as possible why people have to act in accordance with your request. If you are a blogger, give reasons why the readers should follow you on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

In short, you can convince people and make them say YES if you follow these five tips. Apply these steps one by one to influence others. You will be able to bring them under your influence. If it benefits both of you; nothing wrong in doing that at all.