Dealing with a Passive Aggressive Spouse

Dealing with a Passive Aggressive Spouse

Dealing with a Passive Aggressive Spouse

Marriage can be filled with pain as well as joy. For some couples, it looks that the joy has been gone for so long that it is not possible to ever get it back. It is very hard to deal with a person who looks to have such a distorted way of working on things.

She or he can show to be passive, but then does things that oppose that attitude. There are a lot of things you can do to start getting your marriage relationship back on track. Change is not that simple or easy but it will definitely change if one works towards it.

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They are many ideas about the changes you require to make if you are encountering your spouses hidden anger or issues that might make them lash out.

1. If done appropriately, you might be able to help him or her to get insight into the unhelpful consequences of their behaviour and even if that will not work it will, at least, give you the chance to discuss with him/her in an honest and freeway about the behavior that is affecting.

2. There are a lot of ways for tackling the passive aggressive. You may Immediately stop allowing it. Address it clearly and directly and set firm boundaries about what is or is not acceptable. You can aggravate them or get back at them.

3. But do so peacefully, not while expressing your own anger. Be as the person who is positive as you can during every interaction. Try to make the interaction about resolution and be firm in what you will like to see happen to solve the problem.

4. Don't accept the excuses if you are clear on what happened is a case of hidden anger expressed in a passive violent way. And be firm about the consequences of progressing the behaviour. Express your anger by standing up for yourself

5. It is best to not to come to  a conclusion whether the argument which you were is wrong and which one is wrong. Work on permitting yourself to be yourself, or feeling that you are good and fine as you are, your worth of sense should not depend on different people’s choices.

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6. Be cautious and do not pounce and attack the opposite person but to focus instead on what happened and what you believe requires happening as well as in the future. Become aware of your requirement to fail in order to get back at others.

7. Responding successfully to a passive aggressive way in a relationship needs the capacity to own the feelings and acknowledge of anger that a spouse's passive violence creates. Self-talk and self-awareness are important to manage your responses to passive aggressive deeds

8. The capability to know the passive aggressive behaviors as they are happening is significant to avoid the clashes and to stop being an unwitting and naïve victim of a person’s destructive and predictable way of engaging you.

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Passive aggressive personality types cannot maintain a healthy relationship. They are likely to achieve little and are quite dissatisfied with the result. Theirs is a lifetime broken promises and of excuses whilst feeling underappreciated. If you cannot actively help them, the best way is to accept them as they are because it is very difficult to change their ingrained behavior without the help from outside.