The Secret of Living With Passive Aggressive People

The Secret of Living With Passive Aggressive People

The Secret of Living With Passive Aggressive People

Living with Passive Aggressive people can be a tricky experience because of the frustrations one is likely to encounter. However, negativity and bad behavior has to be tamed. Unlike the passive aggressive personality, you have to address the negativity directly instead of hiding behind other means of communication. One on one communications, help to get the message crystal clear. Tips of Living With Passive Aggressive People.

1. Set open Communication

set open communication

Make communication an open policy. Create a safe environment where people are open to raise their concerns. Putting issues in the open is better than reverting in negative actions as retaliatory measures.

2. Avoid Being a Trigger of Negativity

avoid being a trigger of negativity

Stay calm instead of jumping the gun, which only worsens the situation. A person will feel more attacked, making them withdraw more and further reverting to the negative actions. Remember most times, they never really know they are being passive aggressive.

3. Make use of Good Humor

make use of good humor

Humor used in the correct context can shed a lot of light on the truth. Humor is a great tool of communication, which can put facts on the table, without coming out as condescending. This can make an individual see sense in their inappropriate actions and change.

4. Give them a Chance to Provide Solutions their Way

give them a chance to provide solutions their way

Occasionally, passive aggressive people should be given a chance to voice their opinions and implement them. This is a great way to make them have a sense of belonging and spread positive energy.

5. Set Consequences to their Behavior

set consequences to their behavior

Make it clear at the beginning that their actions, good or bad will have consequences. This can be one strategy to minimize damage, since they will know good behavior will be rewarded, whereas bad behavior will be reprimanded.

6. Know the History of the Passive Aggressive People

know the history of the passive aggressive people

The bottom line of living with passive aggressive people is not to try changing them. You can start understanding them by tapping a little bit into their history.

7.Note the Behavior at Its Initial Stages

note the behavior at its initial stages

It is easier to overlook this behavior by trying to justify the bad behavior in the initial stages. However, the disorder’s indicator begins to shine brighter when the negative behaviors persist for long.

8. Think Before you Speak

think before you speak

They say words cut deeper. Yu do not want your sentiments to do more harm than good. When confronting passive aggressive people of their behavior, choose your words carefully, to avoid making the other party feel attacked. Be direct in addressing the elephant in the room, but watch your words while at it.

Living with passive aggressive people, surely needs sufficient grace. It is not easy to always be on the receiving end of all the negativity. However, for the sake of a peaceful co-existence, the above tips can come in handy. Understanding this disorder also goes a long way.