10 Things Passive Aggressive People Say

10 Things Passive Aggressive People Say

10 Things Passive Aggressive People Say

Passive aggressiveness is associated with common spoken words that cut across borders. There are some specific sayings that are usually associated with Passive Aggressive people in their bid to withdraw from situations. Some of these statements can be very fooling and sarcastic until when contradictory actions follow. Unfortunately, most of these statements can make you feel like an emotional wreck.

1. I am not mad

i am not mad

Well, liar, they are very mad. They do not just want to rub it on your face. Denying one’s feelings is one trait that characterizes passive aggressive personalities. You will discover they are mad, probably the next day through their actions.

2. “Whatever”

what ever

This is mostly considered an I could care less, giving up attitude used to withdraw from an argument. As much as they don’t agree with your sentiments, they will throw in the towel and let you carry the day. The impact will show on their following contrary actions.

3. “I am coming”

i am coming

This is a delaying tact used by passive aggressive people not in line with your vision. Remember the tact is to sabotage you vision by assuring you they are coming. Eventually, they show up late, or fail to show up after all.

4. “Don’t get so worn out”

dont get so worn out

When you show anger or disappointment in their actions, they tend to be surprised at your direct behavior. They try hard to play all cool and maintain calm in your face, then go ahead to do the contrary.

5. “It was a joke”

it was a joke

The minute you react to a negative behavior that offended you, a passive aggressive personality will be quick to pull the “I was joking” card. When the smoke gets too much, they always turn to making you look unable to take a simple joke.

6. “You didn’t know?”

you didnt know

Passive aggressive people play this card when they omit important information. They defend their lack of action by branding you as being ignorant. They make you believe that the omitted information is common knowledge that everyone and their mothers know!

7. “You are such a perfectionist”

you are such a perfectionist

Relax, this is just a way for them to excuse their underperformance. When a passive aggressive persona does a shoddy job, they paint you as a perfectionist with overly high standards. Their aim is to make it look like you expect more than is needed.

8. “I didn’t know it was that urgent”

i didnt know it was that urgent

This is a procrastination tact. Because they are not into an assignment, they keep pushing it forward. When you ask for it, suddenly they did not know they were to do it sooner. This can make them escape from the task after all, which could cause harm.

9. “Sure thing, I can do that now”

sure thing, i can do that now

Passive aggressive people usually are very nice when assuring you something. At the face value, their quick cooperation makes you leave knowing that it has been done. Unfortunately, your request immediately gets under a pile of many others, fallen victims.

10. “You have done exceptional for someone with your credentials”

you have done exceptional for someone

If you are not a good listener, you will jump at this as being a compliment. A passive aggressive person will not tell you head on that you can do better. They device cunning ways to pass the message across, which in many cases are usually offending.

You might brand passive aggressive personalities as having poor communication skills, but that is what gets them out of thick skin. Some of these sayings however, come very unconsciously in the course of their interactions. Understanding passive aggressive behaviors will avoid these sayings being taken personally.