Chocolates are irresistable! Enjoy them

Chocolates are irresistable! Enjoy them

Chocolates are irresistable! Enjoy them

Everyone loves chocolates, right? The so called ‘Chocophiles’ consider chocolates to be a lot more than just confectionery. It is a complete sensory object for them. If you put on your poetical spectacles, chocolate would be perceived as an entity that bestows pleasure and love. According to a popular quote, “There is only one thing better than a chocolate and that is another chocolate”. This line describes the awesomeness of chocolates in the best possible way. Be it the work stress, academic pressures or heart-breaks, the sight of chocolates can instantly bring a smile to your lips.

Here go seven reasons for eating chocolates that would not let you feel guilty after gorging on them.

1. Have a Wonderful Effect on the Skin


Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants that can keep the skin rejuvenated and young. They fight against the free radicals and keep the skin wrinkle- free.

2. Increase Life Expectancy


Chocolates reduce the vulnerability to cancer as it is said to contain flavonoids. Besides, the risk of heart diseases and stroke also gets reduced. Dark chocolates increase the level of high density cholesterol due to the presence of oleic acid in cocoa butter. All these health benefits help you in living a longer and healthier life.

3. Keep Up Your Spirits


Fatty acids and theobromine present in chocolate are known to release endorphins from the brain, thereby imparting a sense of pleasure and relaxation to you. Whenever you are in a bad mood or things do not seem right, just get your favorite chocolate and give a treat to your taste buds.

4. Enhance Your Intelligence Quotient


Chocolates can give a significant boost to your brain function. According to a recent study conducted on adult women, it was found that they performed very well on a complicated mental task. It was concluded that chocolates lead to the formation of new neurons and enhancement of cognition power.

5. Help in Controlling Blood Pressure


Eating chocolate leads to considerable reduction in the blood pressure. This fact has been established by studies carried out in Germany as well as Australia.

6. Boost Your Diet

boost your diet

If you eat limited amount of chocolate every day, it does not add to your calories but improves your diet. People eating chocolate have a lower body mass index. This is a good reason to include a chocolate in your diet.

7. Improve Vision

improve your vision

Flavanoids present in dark chocolate improves the blood flow. As a result, people eating dark chocolate performed much better in a vision test as compared to those who do not eat dark chocolate.

As you eat a chocolate, you feel ecstatic and the level of satisfaction only gets intensified with every bite. If love and happiness has a currency, it would definitely be spent away in chocolates. So, the next time someone reproaches you over eating too much of chocolates, you can definitely share these wonderful facts with them. If you are fighting against the urge to gulp down a chocolate, put your hesitation on hold and give yourself the best treat of the world.