How to Master the Inner Game of Money and Wealth

How to Master the Inner Game of Money and Wealth

How to Master the Inner Game of Money and Wealth

If you’ve been financially struggling in the last little while, and many people have, you may be thinking, “Yeah, this abundant world stuff is all very nice “in theory”, but the bottom line is I can’t see that abundance in my bank account, so as far as I’m concerned, it’s… ‘whatever.’”

Let’s face it. When you can’t see it, it’s pretty hard to believe that abundance is even possible. And if you’ve been financially challenged for more than a little while, it can feel like you’re in a financial desert, right?

Actually let’s take a look at that…Have you ever been to the desert? Get there in the middle of summer; the ground is cracked and dry and if there is a breeze, it is a hot one that whips up the top layer of what was soil and turns it into a burning dust. Sometimes in the desert literally years can go by between rainfalls.

Can you imagine how dried up and lifeless the desert appears after two, three, five years without rain? Having been to the desert in the summer I can tell you that when I looked out across this bare environment and was told that in the spring, there would be an abundance of flowers, it seemed as unrealistic as a person looking at their empty bank account and trying to believe that there would be an abundance of funds filling it soon.

Fact is, I went back to the desert in spring, and it was breathtaking! What had been dried up lifeless dust just months before now flourished with streams and a carpet of the most magnificent coloured flowers as far as the eye could see. On my previous visit, I had seen a tree and had been curious about how long it had been dead.

This time, the tree had been miraculously transformed as if the metaphorical hand of God had reached down from heaven and brought it back to life; leaves glistening with dew seemed to wink at me between beautiful, soft-petaled blooms. It was out of this world! If it weren’t for its precise location, I would not have believed I was looking at the same tree.

Standing in the desert on a hot summer’s day it can be hard to believe that the temperature will get down towards freezing at night, streams will flow, flowers will bloom, and life in so many forms will wash across what looks like a lifeless environment.

Even so, all these things do happen, and they happen all the time. The desert, like you, is filled with limitless potentiality for that abundance, which given the right circumstances results in the ground becoming an overflowing wealth.

My question to you is this: What magnificent abundance, what glorious affluence waits within you? What massive level of success is waiting to show up given just the right circumstances?

Now I know many people tell themselves that money doesn’t matter; it’s not part of their spiritual journey. I have two words for that. One starts with “B” and the other with “S.” That kind of nonsense is a chicken shit way of avoiding the issues a person has around money. Money is not, and never will be the solution to all your problems. However,

money is also not the source of everything that’s wrong in the world. Let’s face it, in the physical sense, money is nothing more than faces and numbers on bits of paper/cloth. We have both personally and collectively given money the meaning we have given it, and the bottom line is, as a free willed human being, you get to decide on a new meaning if you want to change your mindset. Stay curious my friend, stay curious!