Secret to Getting Absolute Clarity on Your Life and Career Goals

Secret to Getting Absolute Clarity on Your Life and Career Goals

Secret to Getting Absolute Clarity on Your Life and Career Goals

Confusion over what you want and on the detailing is a problem faced by most of us. But there is a wayt to getting absolute clarity. It’s a simple thing call action. You must act to know what you want.

There is only one way to know if your idea is a good one…you must Act upon it

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Action Plan for Success

You need not – and should not – act big. The trick is to take tiny steps towards your goals and continually ask, “How did that feel?”  If you are comfortable with your own actions, you’re on the right track.

If your actions feel constricting, straining, or heavy, you may need to regroup. Bear in mind that clarity through action takes time. Clarity doesn’t come overnight. It’s a long-term process that requires determination and perseverance. ( Clarity Comes from Action )

Getting clarity through action may also require you to act on an idea you know isn’t perfect just to get a feedback

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Ideas to Start And End Your Day Feeling Good

Often people don’t act at all because they want step one to be perfect. That is nearly impossible. Your first step will almost never be your best step. But an average first step is better than no first step at all.

Self-criticism in the wake of lack of clarity does not help. What helps is sharing your ideas, creations with others. You gain confidence and belief in yourself.

Clarity through action happens in 4 easy steps

  • Take small actions towards a goal
  • Reflect on how the actions made you feel
  • Make adjustments as necessary
  • Return to step 1 and repeat

All the while keeping the following in Mind

  • Embrace the inevitable imperfection of the first steps - this usually means that you’ll start before you feel ready
  • Tune into your body to see whether the actions feel good or bad
  • View all failure as feedback so you can make the necessary adjustments without self-criticism
  • Persevere

So if you don’t know exactly what you want, second guess yourself and start taking action…today. In time, clarity and confidence will come to you with ease. When you take an action that doesn’t go the way you had hoped, don’t get disappointed.

View it as fabulous feedback to how you can adjust and improve. With each action your vision will get sharper, your actions will feel more joyous, and your creations will better showcase your capabilities.