Battling What Your Inner Demons Tell You

Battling What Your Inner Demons Tell You

Battling What Your Inner Demons Tell You

Throughout history, great nations became empires not by fighting foreign wars, but by quelling internal uprising. Leaders such as Genghis Khan of Mongolia and Shi Huang Di of China did this.However, certain empires fell because of infighting, and rebellion – external forces are supplementary factors. The Romans fell partly because it was divided into two, and rebellions throughout it were widespread.

The same thing applies in real life: for you to become a great empire, you need to battle and defeat your inner demons, as well as disregard what they tell you. Here are some of the best examples of what they say, and what you must do to counter them.

1. This is Good Enough


Being good enough is never enough. Being satisfied with mediocrity does not allow you to improve: it only causes you to stagnate, and in the end, decay. Whether if it’s in life, love, and work, give it your all and never be satisfied with your current state. Look for ways to improve yourself and your output. Remember, there is always room for improvement. Once you’ve reached a certain level, push yourself higher and never be good enough. Instead be better or the best. (Positive Attitude of Life)

2. There’s Always Tomorrow


Set Smart Goals in Life

There’s a comical meme circulating around the Internet, showing an anime girl saying “If I can do it tomorrow, why do it today?”. Though I can’t deny it made me howl in laughter, possessing this mentality is dangerous and it is a surefire way to make you procrastinate.

We’re all aware of stories about people being too late to tell their loved ones “I love you”, confess to a girl about their feelings, and make it to the hospital to see a dying relative. In my case, it happened once. Just when I was about to go to the hospital to see a relative who was at death’s door (who was confined for months), she died. Always value the present, and never put off what you can do today. Remember, you might not have a tomorrow.

3. You’re Better Off Being Alone


Listening to Your Life

I’m an introvert, and I hate it when I’m invited to go out by my friends and peers. Social events are not my thing, and I’d rather read novels and play video games all day than chug several liters of beer during a night out. I rarely speak to people I don’t know much, and I absolutely hate small talk.

However, there should be a limit to being introverted. Never forcefully shun contact from external forces. An empire needs to forge healthy alliances to become prosperous, and external trade to be stable. You need to create social links with other people, in order to be stronger and overcome challenges and wars that come your way.

4. You Have No Purpose


What’s The Life Purpose

If both your inner demons and external parties say this, laugh it off and simply find or create your own purpose. As long as you endeavor and create a path that allows you to have a stable and bright future, it doesn’t matter if you haven’t found it. Better yet, MAKE your own purpose: devote your life to worthwhile activities like volunteering in your city’s animal shelter and soup kitchen. (Maintain Momentum in Life)

Don’t believe in uncontrollable fate and destiny. Shatter them and create your own. The ball is in your hands now.Lastly, make a mental note to never ignore your inner demons. Sure, they can destroy and impede your growth, but consider them a stepping stone to success. After all, he greatest men and empires didn’t become great without overcoming adversity.