3 Ways To Deal With Disappointment

3 Ways To Deal With Disappointment

3 Ways To Deal With Disappointment

Do you have trouble dealing with disappointment in your life?

I’m sure most people have their hands up as we have no problem embracing our success and achievements but when disappointment rears its ugly head we are always caught off guard. Every time it happens it feels like the first time and it almost seems like there is no way to ever be prepared or address it.

I believe there are a few things you can do to handle any potential disappointment that gets thrown your way with these 3 things.

1. Realize That Disappointment Happens To Everyone

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To me, this really helps take the sting off of it. No matter if it’s something small or a major let down at work or in your business you can guarantee this has happened to someone else before.

It’s great to have a good network of people that you can share your frustration and feelings with as that really helps to process it more effectively. No doubt they will have suffered the same disappointment at some point in their lives.

If you do not have a good support system this is when you can turn to those from history that have suffered the same, or worse disappointment than you and see how they dealt with it and overcame.

Turning to good stories and books about how some of the most successful people handled disappointment will help you to realize you are not the only going through this but at the same time you will see how many people have something to say on the matter!

2. Disappointment Can Lead You To Something Better

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That’s the beauty of when you get let down, it gets you one step closer to attaining your goal no matter what that may be. Disappointment is one of the steps to success and you will learn to embrace it as you see how it is part of the process.

After a while, you’ll be even better equipped to handle it knowing you are getting something that doesn’t work out of the way and moving closer towards your goal. Thomas Edison sums it nicely when he said “ I have not failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

After time, you will have redeveloped the muscle that dealt with disappointment and changed it from something small and weak into something strong and encouraging

3. No Matter How Bad The Disappointment You Will Get Through It

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There’s nothing too big that you are not able to handle. Just look back on those times where you thought the disappointment you faced was going to be the end of the world. You then realized it was not and also learned that you can bounce back and overcome it.

Keep this in mind for when you next face any future disappointment and you will be able to get into that mindset that will enable you to process the situation.

Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday and keeping that in mind give you some great perspective. The time spent worrying is time that could be put to better use and the disappointment you fear actually ends up not being as bad as how you built it up in your mind.

Wrapping It Up

Disappointment is inevitable in life, there’s just no way around that. What you can do is better prepare yourself to deal with it by knowing it’s natural, you are not alone and it won’t be the end of the world.

Our minds seem to be trained and fixated on avoiding any sense of defeat or shortcomings, but we can actually use this to our benefit on our road to success.