19 Lucrative Small Business Ideas

19 Lucrative Small Business Ideas

19 Lucrative Small Business Ideas

Do you aspire to be an entrepreneur? Ideas are many. In the modern world, yesterday's ideas may become redundant today and today's ideas may become obsolete tomorrow. It depends upon us to capitalize the ideas the moment it is available to us. There are many ideas which have become popular recently.

Ideas That are Making Their Marks

Business Ideas that can make Good Money

Furthermore, people nowadays, are looking for starting their own business than opting for a 9-5 office job. However, the success of becoming an entrepreneur depends on your hard work and dedication towards work.

1. Instagram Consulting


Instagram is the app used by marketing people to market their products. It is used to make others know about their wonderful product. It is believed that the small companies which use this app are expected to rise by 48.8 percent 2016. If you consider yourself having good marketing skills and a passion for photography you can consider starting an Instagram consulting business which will help you to be an entrepreneur. At the same time, it helps you in assisting  other businesses to improve their content and be successful.

2. Online Women's Shop

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Actually, what is feminity? Asking for what rightfully belongs to women. It is not to thwart the actions of men. It is all about helping your friend or other women with their problems. Be the next woman entrepreneur and open an online health product shop to assist women with their health needs would be a brilliant idea to make a few dollars this year!

3. Subscription Boxes

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Subscription boxes are a set of retail products which can be tried and used if found useful. They are sent on a periodical basis to retain the customers. Of late, subscription boxes are available for almost every product in the US and also outside this country. Name any product, it is available (food, makeup items,toys). But, you want to be really successful in this field, pick a product for which subscription boxes are not available.

4. Health Club


It would be a brilliant idea to start a health club because people who are health conscious are on the increase. Staying healthy and keeping others also healthy will help you a long way to improving  your physical and mental wellness.

5. Kid-friendly Apps


It is surprising to note that kids' IQ levels are increasing enormously. The trend of converting kids as customers is gaining popularity. They can be aptly described as future customers one can never lose. So try to develop a new kid-friendly App which would help the kids to improve their knowledge would be a welcoming idea which would help to win the confidence of parents as well.

6. Recycling Pickup

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People often don't see the waste items in their junkyard. I don't understand  the reason why they tend to oversee the harmful batteries and electronics lying there? It would be perhaps a splendid idea to collect e-waste such as a broken mobile or an obsolete laptop for recycling. You can really earn from the recycling of e-waste.

7. Software Training

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If you are strong in software skills, you can train inexperienced, but ones who are looking for an experience in this field. This would help you to earn money.

8. Healthcare Consulting

big data healthcare

You can be a health care consultant and earn money. Why don't you analyze health data and assist hospital or  lab staff to improve their efficiency?

9. Food Truck

tasty buns

A food truck is a mobile restaurant which helps to satisfy the hunger needs  of hundreds of people. They don't have to come to you. Instead, you can go and satisfy their needs at their place.

10. Freelancing

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Freelancers are increasing with the increased number of freelancing projects online. There are millions of projects and equal numbers of freelancers available. It is always a good option to appoint those who work from their home when there is a scarcity for available suitable people to work in the office.

11. Mobile Consulting

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This is another new field which is gaining importance recently. It is common now to use internet services to send messages to a lot of people to their mobile device. You can try doing that and be profitable.

12. Translation services

marketing pr translation services singapore

Organizations are in the need to find out translators and interpreters with the globalization of businesses.

13. Employee Monitoring Services


You can start a company with staff who can monitor employees and earn a lot from that, Because, these days employers are running short of people who can monitor his employees.

14. Travelling Salons

how to set up beauty salon at home

As you get older you would love to make use of the services of the traveling saloons. You may find it difficult to travel to these saloons. But, you would find it attractive to avail of the services of those who come to your house to extend their services at home.

15. Healthy Vending Machine Products

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If you are thinking of starting a business, it would be fine to start a healthy vending machine friendly product and earn money out of it.

16. Smartphone Repair

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Starting this business would be a lucrative idea as you have to do is to start a chain of smartphone repair shops in every area of your place.

17. Contracting Business

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Be a contractor as the need for skilled workers is ever increasing.

18. Testing business

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Testing services of application software and applications are  improving as ever before. So start a testing business to earn money.

19. Business Services

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Recently, owing to the recession, many companies cut down the number of employees. They are now  outsourcing their functions which are non-core to their business. So, you can leap profit out of it if you start a business service providing company.

These are the 19 small business ideas.