7 Enviable Qualities of People with High EQ

7 Enviable Qualities of People with High EQ

7 Enviable Qualities of People with High EQ

Do you have the potential to realize your own capabilities? Do you have empathy? Yes?, Then you are an emotionally intelligent person. This is because emotionally intelligent people have the capacity to understand what they can do and what they can't. They also understand the capacity of others and have the ability to step into the shoes of others in case they are enduring mental or physical agony. They are experts in influencing the thoughts of others and gain the enormous trust of their fellow beings.

By emotional intelligence, we also mean that the ability to anchor one's own emotions to avoid undesirable behavior in an embarrassing situation.

Dr. Daniel Goleman, who is a writer and researcher, undoubtedly says that people with high emotional intelligence are  the world's greatest leaders. Actually, what are those traits which make them better than their counterparts? Here are a few of them to explain this better.

1. They are Emotionally Stable


People with high EQ  give a damn to criticism. They shut their ears when people talk bad about them and continue with their efforts to achieve their goals. It is common for all to be torn up when we hear an awful comment about us. These people remain unaffected in such situations and progress towards advancement.

2. They Act as Catalysts for a Change


Just like a catalyst invigorates a chemical reaction, those with high EQ accelerates the pace of change in the organization they work for. They take the initiative to change the procedures and  the way the company is managed. Usually, people don't take the risk of bringing about a change because they are spooked about the criticism if they happen to face a failure. These people remain unaffected even in unfavorable situations.

3. They know about Themselves Thoroughly

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These people know about themselves thoroughly. They know what are they capable of and what they can't do. Knowing about oneself helps to keep him away from bad situations and people. When they come to know that they have to learn a new skill, they readily start working on it. Nothing can stop them from being successful.

4. They are Self-motivated Learners

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They are always interested in learning new things. They have an unending lust for knowledge or they have an inquisitive mind. When they realize that they don't know anything, they learn from others who know it better. They feel delighted when they learn new things. They ask a lot of questions to make the concept clear to them and change their perception about things when they come to know that their view is wrong.

5. They are Compassionate


Emotionally intelligent people are those who have empathy. They understand their coworkers in times of extreme difficulty. If a person is undergoing a difficult situation, the emotionally intelligent people go out of their way to succor those in need. They emotionally uplift grief-stricken people.

6. They know Perfection is Far from Reality


Those who are Emotionally Intelligent, clearly understand the fact that perfection is beyond the bounds of possibility. Nobody is perfect in this world. But, you can bring about perfection in others by positively influencing them.

7. They are God-Fearing People

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They strongly believe that there is a positive power above them who is capable of transcending space and time. Every day they thank God and they strongly believe that their life is worth living.

These are the 7 useful qualities of people with high emotional intelligence.