Lessons in Problem Solving from a Chess Grandmaster

Lessons in Problem Solving from a Chess Grandmaster

Lessons in Problem Solving from a Chess Grandmaster

How do you solve your problems? Is the question being asked by everyone? At times, it happens that the principles of the games help us to solve our problems, which sometimes get stuck or make strategies just like we do while playing games.

Similarly, the game of chess made the Chess Grandmasters to take great interest in conducting strategies and develop problem-solving skills which can assist you in your future life at a larger scale.

Working Backward Trick

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Grandmaster is of the view that chess strategies change a life. He considers that for chess and life, the strategy is almost the same. Retrograde strategy means to work backward. It is his prospect that if one looks backward, it often pays and we get solutions to go ahead because you already have the experience of the past which can become our guideline for solving present problems.

One needs to look backward to find out the best possible solution. The grandmasters have the super power to see into the future as they are aware that the first few moves can be played in various ways and it becomes simpler; but grand masters always remember to simply play cool and steer their position as they are well aware of the position after 10 moves and know where you are going or where you will be dead. So working backward not only solves problems but also prevents these problems to take place.

Attain a Realistic View

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While planning for a project, it happens that important steps which come at later stage gets less importance or are just less funded and rushed up. As a result, we sometimes get stuck as normally we give preference to the initial stages regarding funding or time and also are more enthusiastic when we start any work.

Grand masters are of a view that planning should be done retreating from the final steps to ensure better results along with allocating sufficient resources and timings. This will help you to attain a realistic view of your project.


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It is better to simplify the situation, narrow down the things because too many choices create confusion and it becomes difficult to take decisions. Though there are tailor made solutions of the problems and sometimes there is also flexibility, you should try to make things as simple as possible to achieve targets and should be accessible to customers at a larger scale.

Steer the Ship

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Find opportunities to make the work in your favor or according to you. Analyze the strength and weaknesses of the organization or an individual and keeping this in mind, get hold of the situation as you are aware of the weaknesses. Do not allow these weaknesses to manipulate you or hinder your projects but steer the position in advance to avoid exploitation or defeat. Create favorable circumstances so that they work for you and not against you.

Make the Impossible Possible

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Just like every move has a purpose in chess but life cannot be lived with so much of calculations and we too can’t live like that. We should align our actions with our strategy to achieve success. Develop better critical thinking skills and practice as much as you can. It can make the impossible situation possible instead of bumbling through it. Keep your calm and keep moving. A little creativity can take you to new heights.