5 Simple Steps to Reduce Passive Aggressive Behavior

5 Simple Steps to Reduce Passive Aggressive Behavior

 5 Simple Steps to Reduce Passive Aggressive Behavior

Passive Aggressive behavior can be such a mental disorder that can ruin relations. If you think you are passive aggressive then you need to make efforts in order to reduce this behavior .

Here we have mentioned five easy steps using which you can come out of this Passive Aggressive Behavior  .


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You need to create a behavior journal. This is the way you can analyse your behavior. This journal can help you to find out issues and improve upon the behavior. This behavior develops socially and you can avoid it. The person with such behavior may feel left or unappreciated. Sometimes the reason for such behavior may also deny his anger. 

Check Reactions

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The person with such behavior may give some typical reactions. He may deny on his anger and he may be little arrogant too. This type of people may react in a negative way and they may also become aggressive at times. If you have such behavior then you need to check out the reactions that you give.

Recognise Incidences


Find out incidences in which you showed this kind of passive-aggressive behavior in past. If you start noting down, you will be really surprised. There are four typical behaviors those people show at work, letting a problem escalate, intentional inefficiency, temporary compliance, and conscious revenge. As you start working on recognising such kind of behavior , then you can really improve your performance at work.

Record Data


You need to record the incidences happened. This is the way you can eliminate the passive-aggressive behavior . Just find out the reasons behind the behavior and try to avoid such things. If you feel that you are being emotional, then just take a breath and be clear about your thoughts before you make a way. Never bounce on your role in the things that took place. You need to deliberate following points before you analyse your behavior .

Other parties involved and your relations with them, if they have power over you.

The place and exact time where the incidence took place. The way incidence developed any issues that played a big role. The climax, results and reactions of others on the incidence.

See the Reactions

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You need to check out your reactions when the incidence took place.  Normally this type of behavior represents as flaws between what you talk and what you do. The following are common expressions of passive-aggressive behavior:

  • Giving public support but also fighting, and undermining the concluding of occupational and social skills.
  • Ready to do something and not ready to follow the rules.
  • Giving someone indirect silent treatment and now allowing them to know the cause.
  • Speaking well to people in front but talking behind their back something very opposite or negative.
  • Not having the confidence to show your feelings and desires but expecting others to know more about it.
  • Covering some positive thoughts with some negative thoughts.
  •  Feeling like not being understood and appreciated by anyone.
  • Being morose and confrontational without talking about any constructive ideas blaming others for everything while avoiding responsibility
  • Unwantedly criticising the people around you.
  • Reacting to undesirable authority with some bad action.
  • Kerbing emotions in the anxiety of failure or disagreement.
  • Showing jealousy and bitterness toward those deceptively more fortunate.
  • Pronouncing embroidered and obstinate complaints of personal bad luck.
  • Changing between intimidating contrition.

This was all about how can you keep control over your passive aggressive behavior. You can follow the steps and get rid of such behavior. Just go through them and surely you can reduce such kind of behavior.