10 Simple Ways to Prevent Annoying Health Issues

10 Simple Ways to Prevent Annoying Health Issues

10 Simple Ways to Prevent Annoying Health Issues

Certain health conditions like hiccups, blisters, ingrown hairs may not be very harmful but they can be painful, embarrassing and annoying. Most of the people dismiss these conditions as occasional nuisances and think that they will become better after some time. There are few simple steps to prevent these conditions. 

1. Waterlogged Ears

waterlogged ears

This condition is caused when water reaches ear canal while swimming and it suppresses your hearing. One can cure it by tilting the head and finding the angle to drain the water out. If your ear hurts, turns red or drains fluid then there are chances of having an infection called swimmer’s ear. In that case, seeking a Doctor is the best course of action.

2. Hiccups


Hiccups occur when the diaphragm starts contracting involuntarily. The hiccups sometimes subside in few minutes if the tricks like holding your breath for some time don’t work. If the hiccups last for more than three hours and makes it hard to breathe and/or swallow, then you need to seek medical attention. 

3. Dry mouth

dry mouth

Dry mouth may be caused because of not drinking enough water. It may also be a side effect of different medications like antidepressants or antihistamines. You can prevent it by drinking more water, reducing caffeine intake, quit smoking. One can also try using moisturizing sprays, rinses, gels, chewing gums etc.

4.  Blisters


It occurs when a tight shoe rubs against your foot which causes fluid to collect between skin layers and a bubble-like blister pops up. Burns, chafing and other skin injuries are also the reason for blisters. The way to cure the blister is to leave it oen to breathe or seek medical attention.

5. Sneezing Fits

sneezing fits

Sneezing fits usually mean that you’re allergic to something you've come in contact with or you might have a viral infection. Some people are prone to multiple sneezes.If you bite your tongue slightly, it will make it stop for a while. If the sneezing fits happen during pollen season or after keeping a dog, it indicates that you are allergic. If this is the reason you should visit the allergist.

6. Stiff  neck

stiff neck

If you are holding your head in a same position for a long period of time while using mobile or laptop, it may cause pain in your neck muscles as well as stiffness. It can be avoided by taking care of your posture both at office and home and by pain relievers, icing, stretching etc.

7. Chapped lips

chapped lips

Lips become chapped due to dry air, cold weather or heat. The skin on the lips is very thin and does not have any oil glands so it gets dehydrated. This dryness can cause splits and cracks on our lips. Applying lip balms with sun protection can protect your lips.

8. Sleeping foot

sleeping foot

It sometimes happens that a body part can get numb if something presses the nerve pathway connecting to your brain. If the pressure is removed from there the part wakes up and responds to your brain again. If you move your foot in circle you can get rid of this.

9. Ingrown Hairs

ingrown hairs

If hairs grow back on your skin after shaving or tweezing they produce painful bumps. It can be a problem for people with tightly curling hair. One can stop shaving, tweezing or waxing. If this is not possible, then the doctor can prescribe creams for the removal of dead cells. 

10. Mosquito bites

mosquito bites

If a mosquito sucks your blood, it leaves some saliva behind. A bump which appears afterwards is due to the reaction of your immune system against the proteins in mosquito spit. One can avoid it by covering themselves as far as possible, using mosquito repellents or by applying calamine lotion.

So, if you take care of yourself by following these precautions you may have less chances of encountering these annoying health conditions which are minor but are not to be neglected, otherwise in no time it can become major. Just be careful and enjoy your life to the fullest.