Looking For A Salary Hike? Follow These Six Steps

Looking For A Salary Hike? Follow These Six Steps

Looking For A Salary Hike? Follow These Six Steps

A career starts as soon as you land a job in a prestigious company. But sitting in your cubicle for long, grueling hours isn’t going to be of any help when you are ambitious and aspiring for something better. In order to earn a few extra dollars, much more than grit and determination is required. So, if you are an employee looking forward to earning a salary hike, just follow these six steps and, bang, you will surely get promoted.

Go to Negotiation Not War!

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A salary hike isn’t a trivial thing. In the eyes of an employer it is the most vital part of an organization. However, if you have evaluated yourself and have reached a conclusion where in your employer has failed to identify your potential or missed your startling growth in the organization it is mandatory that you have a talk with him. Discuss the issue in an optimistic and positive tone. An increase in pay scale is subjected to a number of reasons. Don’t go fighting over the same if you and your employer are not in agreeance.

Survival of the Worthiest

survival of the worthiest

Much like Darwinian Theory pay rise is an organization is principally based on ‘Survival of the Worthiest’. Become an employee whose worth is not identified in the number of hours one puts in but for the amount of work which can be deemed beneficial to the organization. Seek opportunities to prove your worth. Display the skill set you possess and fascinate your employer in ways unimaginable and unfathomable with your efforts and grit.  

Ever Increasing Growth Rate

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Growth is the apple of every firm’s eye. Decline in either number of per year generated revenue or the quality of employees is unacceptable by any company. Therefore, it is mandatory that your growth is ever increasing and your performance graph scales exponentially. This can only be attained when you’re willing to work hard to achieve your targets and goals.  

Be an Expert

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Learning forms the foundation for growth and growth is quintessential for a salary hike. Improving your weaknesses and capitalizing on your strengths is a routine which must be followed strictly. You must also learn other skills and technology and train to become an expert in whatever you learn. It not only helps in keeping up with the recent trends of development but also catches a good impression from your employer.

Accomplishment equals Appraisal


Limiting yourself isn’t going to be of any help to hike your pay grade. The more the accomplishments the merrier your employer. To accomplish more you must possess a voracious hunger to prove your mettle and caliber. Ask your employer for more work, better opportunities and work on other projects. This facilitates in learning and growth resulting in appraisal.

Be Receptive of Criticism


The last but the most important piece of the puzzle is to accept criticism and feedback with a smile and a will to incorporate the mentioned changes. Receiving criticism with criticism is a blunder you must refrain from. Change yourself to suit the needs of your employer and subordinates. Personal feedback also plays a major role in developing your personality. Improving and being better is what makes you stand out and grabs the attention for your employer.

These six tips can serve as a handbook for easily grasping the dos and don’ts when aiming for a salary hike. Follow them and you will ascend the ladder of success with ease and simplicity.