Most Expensive College Text Books

Most Expensive College Text Books

Most Expensive College Text Books

Getting into college is full of excitement - new place, new friends & yes, new text books too. Education is an expensive matter, there is college fees, hostel fees, text book fees etc. Textbooks can really add on to that mountain of money you need to pay every semester. Some textbooks in particular are very costly.

However, these days’ students are preferring e-Books & also borrow the same from the previous semester students. Have you ever imagined, to what extent a college text book can be expensive!! Let’s have a look at some of the most expensive college text books below -

1. Acta Philosophorum: The First Journal of Philosophy - $ 1,450

acta philosophorum: the first journal of philosophy

This book is old, rare and hard to find. It's one of the first journals ever published about philosophy, as the name suggests, and very few classes use it. No online versions of this book are available and used copies still cost about $900. If you're entering into a philosophy course and notice that this book is on the reading list, maybe it's time to drop the class. You might also suggest an alternative text to your professor.

2. Encyclopedia of International Media and Communications - $ 1,215


Encyclopedias are excellent resources when you need to just flip to a page for information. That being said, this one costs you a whopping price. However, thanks to the Internet, there's some relief to be found. You'll still have to pay a pretty penny for these articles (a little more than $30 per entry) but that sounds a lot nicer than $1,200.

3. Management Science: An Anthology - $ 850

management science

Anthologies tend to be things you discuss in class on a regular basis. That makes this particular book a little more difficult to get around. This particular text consists of three volumes of studies, reports and papers, all of which have been studied in-depth elsewhere as well.

4. History of Early Film - $ 740

film history

It's out of print now, which makes finding a cheap copy even more difficult. While the book contains some commentary you'll have to get from looking at a classmate's copy, you can get much of the content elsewhere. You'll have to search through reference books and online, but many of the reports, reviews and papers from the early days of film can be found in other material. If you truly need the book, you can find it used for around $500 on sites like Amazon.

5. Biostatistical Genetics and Genetic Epidemiology - $ 665

biostatistical genetics

6. Companion Encyclopedia of Psychology - $ 600

companion encyclopedia

7. Feminism and Politics - $ 600

feminism and politics

8. Concept and Design of Chemical Reactors - $ 593

concept and design of chemical reactors

9. Advanced Semiconductor and Organic Nano-Techniques - $ 570

advanced semi conductors and organic nano techniques

10. Ethics in Business and Economics - $ 550

ethics in economics

Though these text books belong to various subjects, one may not need to procure all of them. But if you specialize in a particular subject & one of the above textbook is a part of your specialized subject, then owning these textbook is a matter of pride. Infact it becomes a collectable item in the near future. Afterall, books are mankind’s best friend.