Richest Reality Show Stars

Richest Reality Show Stars

Richest Reality Show Stars

Reality television show does not have a script to follow, so you need to keep a control of what you say. There has been an increase in the number of reality shows being produced. Also, reality shows are a great way to gin fame in a smaller time.

The show not only gives a chance to the fresher but also is a great source of income for the celebrities. Want to know which celebrity earns the highest through a reality show? Go ahead and check the list out. 

1. Simon Cowell - $95 Million Salary


Simon Cowell is a judge on the famous American Idol.  He is widely known as king of reality television.  Cowell launched the X-Factor which became a popular show in U.S and U.K.

2. Judith Sheindlin - $45 Million Salary


Judith Sheindlin is the judge of the show named after her; Judge Judy has been around since 1996. Over 4,500 episodes have been aired until now.

3. Tyra Banks - $18 Million Salary


Tyra Banks became the host of the UPN/The CW hit reality show America’s Next Top Model. She co -created and hosted the talk show.

4. Jennifer Lopez - $17.5 Million Salary


Jennifer Lopez joined as a judge in American Idol as a judge.  She quit the show and joined it to boost the ratings. She also launched her new album A.K.A a she felt it was a great platform to launch he album.

5. Howard Stern - $15 Million Salary


Howard Stern replaced Piers Morgan as a judge on America’s Got Talent in 2011. His main role is to impart judgment and opinions he conveys in the show.

6. Ryan Seacrest - $15 Million Salary


7. Adam Levine - $10 - $12 Million Salary


8. Pharrell Williams - $8 Million Salary


9. Blake Shelton - $6 Million Salary


10. Keith Urban - $5 Million Salary