Most Expensive SUVs

Most Expensive SUVs

Most Expensive SUVs

Crossovers and SUVs, without a shadow of a doubt, are extremely widely held. They are superbly popular among the crowd. Highlighting this impression, light-truck sales took into account much more than 50 percent of automobile distributions in the US previous month.

Flexibility and convenience are two prime details why they are performing this well in the States. They, characteristically, have more load space than similarly sized vehicles. Also the range in which they are available is worth an applause. We have dressed up a line-up of the most expensive SUVs only for you. So check it out and have fun!

1. Mercedes-AMG G65 - $218,825

mercedes amg g65

Mercedes-Benztakes the first spot in this list of the most expensive SUVs in the world followed by Porsche’s princely Cayenne. The G65 AMG is ridiculously priced. This performance based SUV is motorized bya V12 OF 6 litres. With identical turbochargers it gives a massive 612 horses and 737 lb-ft. of rotating force.

2. Porsche Cayenne Turbo S - $158,295

porsche cayenne turbo s

Porsche’s Cayenne Turbo S is a commanding as well as excellently furnished SUV. It features second on this list with a base price of $158,295, together with the destination cost pf $995. Presentation is delivered by a twin-turbo V8 of 4.8 litres.This one is very hard to knock over!

3. Range Rover Autobiography LWB - $144,985

range rover autobiography lwb

The brand name Range Rover on its own generates the picture of a rocky proficiency and a genuine sense of boldness. This Autobiography version belonging to Range Rover can hike mountains and wade rivers, you name it! Despite all this, you will be nestled up in transcendental luxury! Worth every dollar.

4. Mercedes-Benz GL63 AMG - $120,375

mercedes benz gl63 amg

5. BMW X6 M - $103,050

bmw x6 m

6. Cadillac Escalade ESV Platinum 4WD - $95,870

cadillac escalade esv platinum 4wd

7. Range Rover Sport Autobiography - $93,490

range rover sport autobiography

The top of the list we have put together for you is predominantly the most fascinating. The leather-lined, automobile crème de la crèmeis ought to drive you crazy. It’s a, however, only a little portion of a gigantic market. These are extremely expensive and beyond reach for the financially plain.