Most Expensive State Cars

Most Expensive State Cars

Most Expensive State Cars

The Kings, Queens, Presidents and Sultans of the Globe sure do know how to cruise in style. For them there is a lot to think about when it comes to Car shopping. Whether it is Style statement , Safety angle or Top end Luxury , they must have it all.

They really must be sure that they are safe and secure while in the State car travelling , officially or personally as they go round the bends or cruise at high speeds or tackle tricky terrains. Not to forget they have the infotainment inbuilt for all times fun and update of events. Here below are few of the costliest State Cars –

1. Queen of England – Bentley State Limousine - $ 15,167,500

bentley state limousine

The leader of England rides around in a Bentley State Limousine. Queen Elizabeth II can sit pretty in this vehicle, which was created as a 50thanniversary edition of the iconic automotive brand. Since the Queen is getting up there in age, the doors of the Bentley can swing open at a 90-degree angle, and a “panoramic glasshouse” means that she can get a nice easy view of her adoring fans and the common folk. Top-notch security features keep her safe and sound.

2 United States – Cadillac 1 - $ 1,500,000

cadillac 1

The President of the United States of America wants to get around, he hops into the Cadillac One. This is the official state car, and is manufactured by General Motors. The current model is a limousine-style Cadillac and is, of course, fully armored to protect the Commander in Chief. The Cadillac One has a stash of blood in it to match the President’s blood type. There’s also an oxygen tank, just in case of emergency. And for those late-night, top-secret limousine cruises, the Cadillac One is equipped with night vision, too.

3. China – Hongqi Limousine - $ 801,624

hongqi limousine

The Hongqi Limousine is the most expensive car in China. Hongqi translates in English to “red flag,” which makes sense for a Communist country like China. Thisbeast or beauty as you may put itwill go from zero to one hundred kilometers in just over 8 seconds, and it can reach a maximum speed of 220 kilometers per hour.

4. Vatican – Mercedes Benz M-class - $ 524,990

mercedes benz m class

Pope Francis travels in style.The Vatican leader rides around in his Popemobile, waving to believers and kissing babies. the vehicle Mercedes Benz M-class is custom-built, designed with a protective enclosure and barrier, and while normally ambles down the street at a snail’s pace, can break the speedometer at over 160 miles per hour.

5. Thailand – Maybach 62 Limousine - $ 500,000

maybach 62 limousine

6. UK – Jaguar XJ Sentinel - $ 455,025

jaguar xj sentinel

7. Malaysia – Maybach 62 - $ 394,000

maybach 62

8. Russia – Mercedes –S class Limousine - $ 251,417

mercedes s class limousine

9. Philippines Mercedes Benz W221 - $ 250,547

philippines mercedes benz

10. India Mercedes Benz S600 ( W221 ) Pullman Guard - $ 180,000

india mercedes benz s600

We could practically move into one of these cars and call it our new mobile home. From wine chillers to refrigerators, high-def televisions, and enough passenger room for ourselves and our closest friends, these automobiles have it all.