Most Luxurious Steakhouses

Most Luxurious Steakhouses

Most Luxurious Steakhouses

Steak is a meat lover’s dream come true. It brings together the best of both worlds: grilling and braising. In other words, you get all the flavour of a beautifully charred steak combined with the tenderness of a slowly braised piece of meat. Steaks are expensive - whether you buy them at the grocery store or at a restaurant.

1. The Old Homestead Steakhouse, New York


Located in the heart of the former meatpacking district, in what has become one of Manhattan’s trendiest neighbourhoods for entertainment, culture, hospitality and nightlife, Old Homestead has operated from the same place since opening its doors in 1868 – making it one of the longest continually serving restaurants in America. It serves up a 12-ounce Kobe strip steak Big Apple style at $350 - the restaurant serves up to 25 of these steaks a night.

2. Prime Steak Restaurant, Sydney


This Steakhouse has been voted as the Best Steak Restaurant in Sydney for the past 14 years. It offers 18 premier and best steak in Sydney including Wagyu, Black Angus and Angus Hereford Yearlings ideal for steak lovers. The Fullblood Wagyu Tenderloin is at $295.

3. Aragawa, Tokyo


Since its establishment in 1967, Aragawa has served cuisine rich in the bounties of nature, from its signature dish, the carefully selected and charcoal-broiled Sanda Beefsteak, to the single whole salmon the restaurant smokes them fresh every week. The Nishijin silk tapestries, the cherry-wood tables and chairs have been unchanged since Aragawa opened its doors, and the Swedish chandeliers provide a classic atmosphere, far from the madding crowd, where you can forget the cares of the day and dine in timeless comfort. The famous Charbroiled Kobe Filet comes at $258.

4. Renga-Tei Steak Restaurant in Kobe, Japan


The speciality is that it covers its Wagyu with a fine Japanese paper before cooking on a copper and iron grill. Apparently, this is how professional sumo wrestlers cooked wild boar meat around 200 years ago in the Edo period, all of the Steakhouse’s chefs are women. This provides for an especially warm and cozy atmosphere. Accompanied by Scottish salmon, seasoned salad and including dessert, the "Select Special Filet Course" goes for a warm and cozy $206.

5. Al Muntaha, Dubai


6. Nobu, Dallas, United States


7. CUT Restaurant, Beverly Hills, United States


8. Zuma, London


9. Barclay Prime, Philadelphia, United States


Steak is often the most expensive item on a restaurant’s menu, and steakhouses are some of the most expensive restaurants. Steak is always in the list of a true foodie. The heavenly feeling, of the meat melting in the mouth, really makes Kobe beef an outstanding culinary experience.