Most Expensive Bongs

Most Expensive Bongs

Most Expensive Bongs

As the bong and pipe makers have become more and more intricate with the creativity and patterns made on them, the way of smoking in the world has taken a new turn. But it is obvious that art and unique pieces do not come cheap.

They are exorbitantly high. But the artistic designs and the unique craft on them make them rare pieces which demand such high price to acquire them. And also with the increasing sale of marijuana, the demand for such pipes, bongs, vaporizers and hookahs have been shooting up. To choose from among the rarest of these in the world, following are the most expensive bong pieces which you must know.

1. The Miley Cyrus Bong - $70000

the miley cyrus bong

Miley Cyrus took the bong which is the most expensive around the world. She has kept no secret of her love and passion towards entertaining drugs. Miley Cyrus has made her bong device covered with friendship bands from her loved ones. Her bong has become so famous that it went for an auction where it was sold at a sky high price making it the most costly bong in the world.

2. The Pirate Ship Bubbler - $30000

the pirate ship bubbler

This amazing piece of glass work is one of the most expensive bong in the world recently. It can be seen at Illusion in Denver. This bong is huge and intricate. The ship is so comprehensive that it is insane to think how this slim and delicate piece of glass has such fine creativity done on it.

3. Scott Deppe’s Take Me 2 the Mother Ship - $20000

scott deppe’s take me 2 the mother ship

This is another complicated and creative piece propelled by celebrity Scott Deppe. These are made with different themes to make them look more gorgeous. Some ideas and thoughts from Alice in Wonderland are given to make it more appealing to the smokers. Bright and vibrant colors are used to make it more interesting.       .

4. Roor Excalibur - $15000

roor excalibur

It is long and considered the tallest available bong in the market. It has a height of 6 feet and the ice patterns on the down of it can also be taken while traveling. It had the best display and used by the smokers on a daily basis.

5. Scott Deppe Grateful 4 Mushrooms - $14,251.90

scott deppe grateful 4 mushrooms

The best feature of the product is the taste of mushrooms in it and though it is not considered the best smoking device but its looks are elegant. It is designed very well and considered to be a masterpiece among all the bongs.

6. Illadelph coil - $ 5000

illadelph coil

Some bongs are rare in the world, and their presence in the shops is a premium. Same is the case with this one, and it is priced at $ 5000 and found in most of the shops. It was first introduced in the year 2009 and was incorporated with difficulty.

7. Roor Bong Custom $3,750

roor bong custom

It has considered as an epitome in terms of taste, pipes along with brand name. Though there is a basic setup in place, it has many features attached to it. It has two types on its logo, one of them is attached to diamond, and the other one is gold that is expensive.

8. Freek Tube $2,700.00

freek tube bongs

It is a wild piece of bong that is hand spun and can be custom made according to the specifications of the users. The fill is a cello design that makes it very attractive for the users and is made with a perfect color pattern as well.

9 Illadelph signature Rasta coil $1,056.74

illadelph signature rasta coil

It is a brand famous for making expensive bongs in the world. The coil of the bong is considered detachable, and the neck of it can be easily placed in the freezer. There is glycerin inside the coil that helps the smokers to emit smoke easily.

10. Evol Empire Glass water pipe $977.78

evol empire glass water pipe bong

The piece has a straight tube, which has a pre-cooler that has the facility of emitting smoke from it. It has a standard glass bowl with a side handle attached to it also. It can be purchased easily, and it is dispatched in less than 24 hours.

These bong items are simply pieces of art. Even non-smokers can purchase them and keep it at home because its beauty is impeccable. You cannot take your eyes off these master pieces. They are unique and rare in themselves. Just enjoy the lavishness that its possession makes you feel!