Why do I Hate Myself

Why do I Hate Myself

Why do I Hate Myself

It is always a pleasure to hear I Love You. To be in love is a wonderful experience. But, have you ever wondered why people hate themselves? It is because they have poor self- esteem. Indeed, there are people who hate themselves for various reasons. It may be because they are not highly educated or they don't look that attractive or his neighbor owns a house whereas he doesn't.

The reasons are many to feel bad about oneself. They are constantly battling or fighting with their inner self. As a result, some try to improve themselves. Some others try to destroy others.

It is a situation where you are not able to understand your worth. Sometimes you feel you are great. But when you think you are talented or good, your mind pulls you down the very next moment. Such people should start talking to themselves first. It is because nobody other than you can help yourself. They have to make their mind understand that they are worth more than what they think. Is there a way by which these people can overcome the negative effects of poor self-esteem? If yes, what is that one ideal way to escape being a gloomy person?

1. You are Over-Conscious

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When you don't have a high opinion of yourself, your fear to be judged badly by others increases. Then you start watching others' conversations, their attitude and gestures excessively. Here what happens is you have arrived at a conclusion before even judging others. So, even if they crack jokes you get hurt thinking that you are good for nothing, that is why they are mocking at you. So, stop being over- conscious. Instead, just believe you are an amazing creation of God.

2. You Compare Yourself with Others

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Every creation by God is unique. Think you are the masterpiece by the good God who has sent us down to earth. Stop comparing yourself with others. Your neighbor may have an expensive, lovely car. Don't consider yourself as worthless. You may have much more expensive things than him. Silently, ask two questions to yourself. Why am I here? What are my strengths and weakness? Use your strengths to improve your weaknesses.

3. Failure to Understand the Concern of the People


When someone asks why you did like this you think they are trying to bully you. Or when somebody asks why you are hanging out with a subtle person, you think they are ridiculing you. These things happen because of your low self-esteem. In reality, they are concerned about your welfare. But, you can't understand that fact.

4. You Tend to Speak Sweet Lies to Make Others Happy

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Your fear of nonacceptance forces you to talk sweet lies. When your friend comes and asks whether the trouser suits him, you say that he looks absolutely wonderful in his new trousers.You want to avoid a conflict because you fear that he will not accept you if you tell the truth. You don't have to be harsh. But, you can always tell him the truth, but in a polite way.

5. You Apologize a Lot, Even for Other's Mistakes

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Usually, people with a low self-esteem use the word sorry a lot of times more than they can imagine. They apologize even for slightest mistakes.

In short, hating yourself means ridiculing yourself. You don't need others to belittle you. You are doing that job of others and that too to yourself. Stop comparing yourself with others. Because no two people will have the same abilities. Identify your strengths and sharpen them. You will definitely be an awesome person in your life!