How to Overcome ‘I Hate Myself’ Mentality

How to Overcome ‘I Hate Myself’ Mentality

How to Overcome ‘I Hate Myself’ Mentality

There are many times in our lives when we are drowning in sadness due to our messed up lives. In these situations most of the people give up hope and start having negative thoughts about their lives and ultimately end up cursing themselves for all the wrong decisions they made. Whenever the hectic emotionally broken situations like this arise, you need to step back and hold your breath; and try relaxing.

When you are in difficult situations then all the negativity starts spreading around you. You think ‘if I would not have done this...’ thinking like this is normal and natural but moaning for something which pulled you down in the past is not the effective solution. You need to rise and realise your soul and make it stronger.

Let Go of the Self Pity


Whenever bad situations arise due to something you are blaming yourself for, you must first accept your mistakes. Instead of having the thoughts of killing yourself, you must think of something hopeful to make the messed up things; better.

Start realising your worth and do something beneficial with your life which would give profits to you as well as people around you. Dying is never the solution of any kind of problem, it will only make people who love you and care for you; sad.

Forgive Others

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Let go of the people who did wrong with you. Forgive them as they taught you who all in your life were with you when these selfish people left you. You should forgive them and feel thankful and happy as because of them; now you know who all really care of you and are not fake people like them.

Forgiveness brings self peace. When you forgive someone then you are actually; detoxicating your body, mind and soul. As you are letting go of these fake people from your life; you are letting go of the tensions they caused you as well.

Forgive Yourself

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Let go of all the mistakes you did in the past and be thankful for all those wrong turns you made in your life, as they must have taught a lesion which would make you a better person and your improved version. Forgiving yourself is extremely necessary in evolving yourself in a peaceful person. If your want to have a peaceful life then forgive other and yourself as much as you can.



The best way of letting go of negative thoughts related to killing yourself is to meditate. It will purify your body by removing all the anger, self pity and other negativity. Meditation gives rise to a healthier and peaceful mind.

Do the things you are passionate about and find the purpose of your life that you are born for and take action. You should never forget that you an important person and you have an identity. You should always concentrate of what you are good at. Start making yourself perfect in that one direction and live your life with proud by doing well with yourself as well as helping others. Instead of being negative about your life, start bringing out the best from your life.