4 Major Principles for Interpersonal Communication

4 Major Principles for Interpersonal Communication

4 Major Principles for Interpersonal Communication

Life is a journey, and as we live it, we make friends, bonds, and relationships. The connection between the hearts of different people is felt when they understand each other thoroughly. For building up the trust and understanding between people, practical expression of feelings plays an important role. When you feel a deep connection with someday, then you must express it to him, so that he knows that he is important to you. Same happens when you are in the business field; you must always know to express your idea in such a way that everyone understands it and its importance.

Whether it is work or life, if you can express your views then things will stay active and if you are not having the art of expressing one's feelings, then you will observe downfall in your life. Hence improving the interpersonal communication is critical for every individual because without proper express; the result will always be absurd. The interpersonal communication is a highly valuable aspect for the employees as it is one extreme requirement in a job and is also a critical component for the same. If you lack proper communication skills, then it will always be your most highlighted drawback.

1. Communication is Irreversible

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When you say something, then those words can never become unspoken. Words have a lot of power in them. They can hurt people to severe depression as well as motivate people to success. It is up to you which type of words you chose to speak. 

You can spread positivity everywhere through your words and can even change a positive environment into a negative one as well through your words. It is always advised to have a thought before you speak out. 

The best way of improving your interpersonal communication is to understand this fact. Once you understood it, then you will know that the communication should always be motivational, positive and helping.

2. Communication is Inevitable

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You can never avoid communicating. This phrase here is used a lot by the scholars to explain this concept. It explicitly illustrates we cannot stop communicating, and the reason behind this is that we already are communicating all the time. It is simple the process in which a messenger is sent by the sender to the receiver. 

The quality of the communication is accessed by the fact that how accurately was the messenger understood by the receiver. To develop your communication skills, you should always make things simpler and clear for the receiver to understand everything accurately. As you can never avoid the communication, hence it is better to improve your skills and be perfect in it.

3. Communication is Contextual

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The way of communication deals with varied contexts such as relational context i.e. the emotional connection you have with those people, the psychological context i.e. the way of mindset those people have, the situational context i.e. private or public place or office, etc, cultural context i.e. norms and behaviors. Hence to improve communication, you should be flexible enough for adaptation.

4. Communication is Complicated


There are numerous people of varied personalities in this world. Hence, the way of their communication, as well as the way of understanding, is also very different. This is the reason of the communication being complicated. 

It is complicated due to the varied people you communicate. You cannot control the thoughts and way of expression of other people, what you can control is your communication. So improve it to express your views in an accurate manner.

Now that you understand the importance of communication, then you should apply the above four important principles for communication so that you can help yourself to improve your interpersonal communication skills.