50+ SMART Methods of Frugal Living

50+ SMART Methods of Frugal Living

50+ SMART Methods of Frugal Living

There are times in life when you desire to cut off your expenses and save money.

Here are the tips which will help you. 

  • Prefer one small house

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  • Own one car only
  • Let that car be an affordable and smaller one
  • If possible rent it instead of owning.
  • Prefer a used, second-hand car.

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  • Cut off junk foods
  • Eat less but healthy
  • Take lunch box with you at work instead of buying lunch outside


  • Turn off the fans and lights from the rooms you are not using.
  • Save Electricity
  • Do not shop online.
  • Prefer shopping during sales.

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  • If you can make things at home instead of shopping, then do it. 
  • Avoid buying newspapers; ask it from your neighbors whenever you desire to read it. 
  • Exercise at home instead of gyms.
  • Do not buy books and reading books from the library.

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  • Cut off the cable at your home.
  • Go on free entertainment places instead of paid like visit an open park for picnics instead of varied amusement parks.
  • Use bicycle as a transport vehicle so that it will avoid expenses as well as it will keep you healthy. 
  • You can walk to the places you want to go instead of using the car. It will keep you healthy as well.
  • Sell out the things which you do not need anymore or are of no use.
  • If you have to gift friends or family members something then make it at home, it will have two benefits. First, it will have less expense involved and second that it will involve emotions, feeling and love in it so it will be more adorable and precious for your loved ones as it is made by your efforts. 

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  • If the place of work is extremely far away and it is not possible for you to go by walking or through bicycle then prefer going through public transport such as the bus.
  • Quit alcohol.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Quit all the bad habits which are expensive as well.
  • Drink water.
  • Eat fewer sweets.


  • Instead of going out for fun, stay at home and do things which you adore such as drawing, sketching, singing dancing etc. 
  • If you have to assemble things, then do not call people whom you have to pay for this purpose, do it yourself. (the things which you know and which do not need professionals.)
  • Avoid daily calls on the phone.
  • Do not keep maids for the household works, do it yourself.
  • Do not go to a salon for a hair cut, do it yourself. It is easy.
  • Save energy.
  • Keep everything you have with extreme care for that it lasts for a long time.

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  • Save gas.
  • Save fuel.
  • Whenever you go out for buying things, then you should always bargain for its price. 
  • Always keep a plan for the future.
  • Instead of buying food from outside, cook them at home. 


  • Do not buy cakes and cookies and bake them at home.
  • Make desserts at home.
  • Do not give your clothes for washing, do it yourself at home.
  • Iron them at home. 


  • Dry clothes under the sun.
  • Do not visit friends outside; ask them to visit you at home. It will always be less expensive.
  • Use less electricity.
  • Turn off lights at the day time and use natural sunlight. Use the home lightings when it gets dark outside.
  • Share things with your friends instead of buying.
  • Do not buy decorative items from the market.
  • Decorate your home by yourself.

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  • Do not but vegetable from markets.
  • Grow them in your garden.
  • If they are in excess, then sell it to neighbors.
  • Stay optimistic and believe in yourself.

These 50+ ways to save money will help you a lot.