10 Little Things Successful Entrepreneurs Do Differently

10 Little Things Successful Entrepreneurs Do Differently

10 Little Things Successful Entrepreneurs Do Differently

Successful entrepreneurs find ways to get ahead of the crowd. Here are ten little things they do differently.

1. Curiosity


The successful are all curious. If there’s something they don’t know, they find it out immediately. They collect facts. They’re repositories of information.

2. Organization


Unless you’re organized, you won’t get very far. The very successful have folders to keep their documents and fixed routines from which they rarely deviate.

3. Hard work

 hard work

There’s no substitute for hard work. The very successful are those who work just that little bit harder than others. Obama stays up until three o’clock in the morning. Donald Trump gets up early every morning. If you want to make money, then you have to make sacrifices. You have to read up and stay up late. You have to go that extra mile to make money.

4. Personal Charm

personal charm

What unites the very successful is their personal charm. Steve Jobs, Satya Nadella, Donald Trump—all of these men have immense personal charm—charisma, and they use it to wheedle people into doing what they want. Charisma is generally something one is born with, but, like everything, it needs proper cultivation. Thus the successful are well groomed and always wear a smile when talking to the customer. The art to success in business is self-management: one must maintain psychological equilibrium and must never get down in the dumps.

5. Wake up Early 

wake up early

Successful businessmen wake up early. They use the morning to get things done—to work out, to plan the day; and the business benefits greatly from this.

6. Keep Things Moving

successful businessmen

Money doesn’t grow unless you keep it moving. Successful businessmen are not afraid of moving their money.

7. Logical-Minded 

logical minded

The successful are least affected by cognitive biases, such as those effects discovered by Kahneman and Tversky. They are not risk averse without a good cause to be risk averse: that is, they base their decisions on logic, not on gut feeling.

8. Healthy Diet 

healthy diet

The very successful appreciate that their mind is a machine, and, like a car, it needs to be fuelled on a regular basis. The successful drink unpasteurized fruit juices and eat healthy superfoods.

9. Clear Ego-Ideal

ego ideal

The ego-ideal is the idealized conception of oneself. The successful have a clear sense of self, a clear sense of their ideal self, and they work hard to become that person. They set clear goals and work hard to achieve the said goals.

10. Time-Management

time management

Successful people manage their time effectively. They get the most burdensome things out of the way first, they check their messages as little as possible, and they don’t procrastinate.

So there you have it—those are a few things successful entrepreneurs do differently. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you should follow these points too.