4 Steps to Resolve Family Feuds

4 Steps to Resolve Family Feuds

4 Steps to Resolve Family Feuds

The aggravation from family can really mess up your psych. In fact, most failures come from listening to the ones you love or deem as most important to you. How can you feel so connected to someone but have them crush your dreams, hopes and aspirations?

I remember getting through for University abroad at the age of 16 and asking my grandmother with a thriving business for help. Now, 7 years later… I did NOT go to that University. Why? Take a wild guess. I bawled for days feeling crushed. I remember I wasn’t a religious person at that time and waited for everyone to leave the house and began screaming my throat out to God. All I wanted was for him to hear me. I told myself I wouldn't stop screaming until he heard me. Did God say anything to me in that time? Absolutely NOT.

Imagine you think you have this one shot to go get a better life. You ask the one person you think could help you and they say no. I battled within to come to terms. Flash forward to now.


you meditate regularly

Benefits of Meditation

Everyday I meditate to keep myself grounded and my energies pure. I’ve worked at this for years after I realized that it’s the only thing that helps because I’ve been aggressive all my life. Why am I telling you this? Because even with so much practice, you'd think I have mastered this. I have… I do manifest everything I absolutely want but just one simple thing from my mom, grandmother or my boyfriend can cut me off my game. It could possibly lead me to depression. That’s how bad it could get. Why? Because they’re the closest ones to me. Don’t get annoyed. The story comes together I promise.

They say and do the sweetest stuff sometimes but the harshest as well. Sometimes it will kick you off your game so much that you wonder if they really do love you. They do… It’s just that what you find important, they wont. What aggravates you is soothing to them..sometimes. Family can build you too. So don't feel I’m against loving them because i’m not.

I don’t care who you are or where you live…I stick to this wholeheartedly. The people you love impact you the most to the point you can hurt for a lifetime over something they said or did.

What prevents this? If you want me to sugarcoat this… Do me a favor and stop reading.

If you want the truth, here goes.

Balance Is Everything in Life

balancing is everything in your life

Purpose of Life

Sometimes you have to tune out the people you love. Just sometimes. Remember, balance is everything in life. Balance along with faith. You are more than enough with where you are and what you do. You have to figure out a way to start believing that. When someone doesn't align that much with the desires you have, tune them out CONCERNING that specific subject. Seek the truth by becoming more aware. Become a little more open minded and try new things that may lead you to the answers you seek. People you love will try to suppress the things you believe in just because they don't believe it.

Who are you to suppress someone’s dreams? Better yet, who are you to suppress the dreams you have? Would you look at someone and just try to kill them because they don't get along with  you? No. Pursuing things you love will give you life so why try to kill it before giving it a fair chance.



Maintain Momentum in Life

The story about not going to the University I got into now is a pain point leaning towards understanding. How so?

Well, My grandmother didn't help because she didn't believe in education. She ascertained a great amount of wealth without being trained. Why would she spend hundreds of thousands of her profits on my education? It wasn't necessary for her so she didn't see it necessary for me. Never be that ignorant. I however don't blame her looking back at it. I didn't enjoy life at that moment because I thought God couldn't hear me and my ONE chance got blown away. Boy, was I WRONG!

I now think of it as God having a bigger and better plan for me. I stayed in the country and struggled for a bit. Through struggling, you learn the most. What does someone learn from trying one simple thing and succeeding the first time? So as hard as it was, I came to terms that I gained a plethora of experience and wisdom going through depression and heartache trying to find where I belonged. I found it though. Why? Because I persisted in finding the truth. 



Face Your Fears

You just don't get one chance in life. It comes over and over and over. When you miss one, you don't really miss it. You align yourself for something grander, something more exciting.

Stop walking around and saying your family didn't give you the opportunity to do whatever they stopped you from doing. There’s always a loophole but you have to tell yourself that you're finding that very loophole and keep it moving.

I did go to College but ended up dropping out. Why? On my own behalf I didn't believe enough in the system. Imagine if I had gotten the money from my grandma, went overseas, dropped out and went back without a degree she would be investing in me. She would have been furious. Look at that… It worked out for me. 

Sometimes we try to force things that really aren't for us too but that’s a whole other story by itself. The impact family has on you can either crush your spirit or build it. What do you decide?

Are you going to be depressed for the rest of your life because they don't have the same vision as you? Or are you going to tune them out and seek the truth on who you really want to be? 

Have an open mind, be hungry for growth and expect new opportunities everyday. Don't be scared to shoot me a message of what you’re going through with a loved one/family member. Change is possible. Keep trying and remember I love you.