20 Random Things to do When Bored

20 Random Things to do When Bored

20 Random Things to do When Bored

When you are bored you can do the following things to refresh your mind. We usually go for relaxing, meditating, cooking etc to get rid of when we are bored out of mind. But there are many random things which you can actually try and it relay help.

Some of them are given below:

1. You can Paint all your Old and Cheap Ornaments with Clear Nail Polish

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It might happen that there are some ornaments which you are not using for a long time due to its old fashion and color combination. You can renovate with your nail polish and can give your ornaments a new look at all. It will not relax your mind but also will make you creative. This we can try when we bored out of our mind.

2. We can Send Postcard to our Long Distance Friends

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Due to the advancement in technology, the trend of sending a postcard to a long distance friend is decreasing. We can make postcards when we are bored out of our mind to our friends who are far away from. It gives us satisfaction too.

3. You can do Puzzles


It can help you to refresh your mind from boredom.

4. You can Plant a Kitchen Herb Garden

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This will help to make you busy in some creative things.

5. You can Paint your keys with Different Nail Polish


As you might have different keys ,you can give a new look by painting it with your nail polish.

6. You can Rearrange your Books


To give a new look to your bookshelf you can rearrange the books. It will help you to be free from boredom.

7. You can Rearrange the Photographs

group of arranged photos hung on a large wall

It will help you to remember the joyful moments of your life.

8. You can go Shopping

placeholder shopping

When you are bored, you can go for shopping. Buying new thing will make you happy.

9. Make an Innovative Dish of your Own

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Try to make a new dish of your own and invite your friends to taste it.

10. You can Send Backward SMS to your Friends


You can send this and wait for your friends to understand it.

11. Go Out for a Movie

inside out movie

You can go to watch a movie with your friends. It will refresh your mind and will make you happy.

12. Spend Time With Your Pet

dog day afternoon

When you are bored out of your mind, you can play with your pets to relax your mind.

13. Read a New Storybook


Reading a new storybook will divert your mind and will help to refresh your mind.

14. You can Repeat a Word Over and Over

the funniest simpsons chalkboard gags 22

You can try for it to make you laugh. Repeat a word over and over until it loses its meaning.

15. Organize your Room

contemporary kids bedroom with built in bunk beds i

You can organize you room to give a new look .It will help you to get rid of getting bored.

16. You can Sing Songs


Singing can help you to boost your mood. Whatever the voice you have you can try for it to kill boredom.

17. You can Surf the Internet

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The best option to get rid of boredom is net surfing if you have a computer with internet facility.

18.  You can go for Biking, Hiking or for Drive


Going for an adventure can help you to kill boredom.

19. You can Enjoy a Relaxing Bath

blog image bathing 2 dollar paid

This is one of the great ideas to be free from boredom.

20. Chat with Others


Chatting with others is a good way to kill boredom.