Uncertainty has its Own Charm

Uncertainty has its Own Charm

Uncertainty has its Own Charm

Look around you, look at the birthdays being celebrated and the madness of New Year eves! The idea is of change, of new beginnings.... Each person looks forward to to her/his birthday every year because of the element of the unknown. A new time-frame entails new beginnings, a fresh page of a book awaits us. The idea behind this is two-fold; we humans are waiting for life to change because we enjoy fluidity and despise monotony. And secondly we enjoy development. We are thinking beings who want to grow and not stagnate mentally.

 1. Each Day as a New Beginning

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There are so many possible options; you could quit your job, go on a vacation. You could think of little tasks for the whole family, tasks none of you have ever undertaken. You don’t always have to climb a mountain, you might want to take a walk in the park and meet a new face. It is the uncertainty of the next experience, a new task that makes each day of our lives unique. 

2. Attending Something New Each Week

attending something new each week

There is nothing quite like the idea of meeting new people and seeing new perspectives! Once in a week, go out. Go out for an event you will enjoy and where you may meet some new like-minded people. This brings a freshness to your life. The uncertainty of discovering something new and different has its own charm. It is a chance for you to grow and evolve. 

3. Take Stock Each Month

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People make grand New Year resolutions but continue to tick-off the same list year after year. Their resolutions haven’t changed because a year is too broad a time-span to control. We lose the motivation and the focus needed to introduce change. So let the end of each month be the time to plan for a fresh month. We know monotony kills, so why not add the spark of uncertainty to it by discarding some dull habits and making spaces for surprise experiences for the coming month. 

4. And Finally, Birthdays

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We always look forward to birthdays, eagerly waiting for something new! And a birthday introduces a whole new fresh age number into our lives for us to understand. Ask yourself what you want to do at the age of 23; the novelty lies in the idea and the plans you have thought of. Uncertainty has its charm, thus so does the uncertainty of time. The fact that you won’t be of a certain age again will push you to do more than you can imagine. 

Uncertainty is the element of surprise and it makes life more interesting, while at the same time giving it a purpose. You have to let life take its own course, with just timely sensible interventions so one doesn’t lose track of time and space. Life will continue to spring surprises at you. And of course there is always the option to change for the better.