Hot Shot Jobs At Google That Pay A Fortune

Hot Shot Jobs At Google That Pay A Fortune

Hot Shot Jobs At Google That Pay A Fortune

World’s largest search engine giant had some significant job roles within the company that pay a fortune to the workforce, putting an average engineer’s salary elsewhere to shame.

Below are some high paying jobs at Google according to the data obtained from different websites and surveys highlighting the importance of these roles ­– they sure deserve a hefty paycheck.Let’s start with the favorites.

1. Senior Software Developers - $152,985


Probably one of the lifelines of Google Inc. is its base of software engineers and developers. They lead the herd and make twice as much money what two legal associates would earn somewhere else.

2. Research Engineers - $140,039

Research Engineer

Research engineers are employed to manage the hardware section of the company. Although sounds boring considering the software aspect of the company, the position does make the employees jump on their feet when the paycheck is received.

3. Research Scientist - $135,785

research scientist

From driverless cars to data mining and engineering, everything falls under this belt of employees. Though curvaceous in the approach, they enjoy some of the heftiest salaries on the floor.

4. Product Manager - $138,951


Bridging the gap between sales, engineers and the clients, product managers are being treated with utmost respect and one of the best salaries in the industry. Too important for Google!

5. Research Engineers and Scientists - $126,916


They are the creative minds of the Google. Transforming ideas into probably one of the Google's newest product on the shelf, they are being paid to think, think and think.

6. Sales Engineer - $119,603


More like sales representatives, they assist customers with technical issues on Google’s applications like Gmail, Maps, Drive, and Android etc.

7. Software Engineers - $118,994

Software Engineers

A few years on the block and there you are, a senior software engineer enjoying every perks and best salary in and out of Google.

8. Analysts - $104,889


Responsible for managing finances, revenue and operations so as to ascertain hassle-free functionality of the organization. Important role from the company's perspective - draws higher salary.

9. Database Administrator - $100,327


In order to manage large amounts of data, a dedicated server or a system won’t do. This is where database administrators come into play. Although nothing technical, they are considered as one the most critical aspect of Google and its assets.

10. Account Manager - Between $80,000 and $90,000


Account managers handle sales and marketing with clients and prospective customers. More like an administrative role, it does require lot of mind boggling management skills.

11. AdWords Associate - $56,400


Probably one of the most unconventional jobs, Adwords spans some of the biggest advertisement platforms. These people, although nothing technically equipped, draw more than an average engineer outside Google.

12. Software Engineer Intern - Between $70,000 and $90,000


Although just at internship, they somehow manage to draw even more than sales and marketing representatives inside Google. However, outside, they dominate the industry as one of the highest-paid INTERNS in the industry.With such hefty paychecks, uncountable perks and benefits for its employees, it is unbiased to say Google does love its employees.