Learning and Applying the Eight Key Traits of Great Business Consultants

Learning and Applying the Eight Key Traits of Great Business Consultants

Learning and Applying the Eight Key Traits of Great Business Consultants

In the field of business and commerce, there is a specific individual whose role is to provide solid advice to top executives and higher management so that they can make the right decisions for the companies that they are running. This person is called a consultant, and it is a highly respectable professional career choice considering that most—if not all—major brands and companies around the world have consultants on call to make sure that they are able to have a proper sounding board to discuss important business matters.

Because of this, consultants are very valuable and they generally command high fees for their services, especially if they have been going at their line of business for quite a long time, and with an impressive track record to match. Not only are these professionals highly coveted within multiple industries, but many of them also former top executives with years of experience, thereby allowing them to have a considerable degree of authority on what businesses should be doing right and what they should do to avoid potential disasters.


That being said, there are several things that many consultants have in common which allow them to be experts when it comes to dishing out advice that has significant weight. These traits are inherent in every true blooded consultant worth their salt, and people would do well to apply these traits so that they too could become successful in their own personal and professional lives. So if you’re ready to change your career path for the better and live your life like consultants would, then look to the information below for more details.

Great business consultants are... FLEXIBLE

Working in any professional industry means that you’ll be encountering and dealing with a high-pressure work environment populated with a diverse group of personalities. It can be rather challenging to get the job done if you’re uncomfortable with things or situations that could cause a weaker individual to crumble under the weight of expectations. But the best consultants are smart enough to develop and thick skin and be flexible enough to accomodate anything that comes their way, whether they may like it or not.


Flexibility is something that consultants are really very good at because their job requires them to be on their toes at all times, as well as never letting other people get the best of them. This trait is important for any ambitious entrepreneur to succeed in their career because being rigid and intractable with others will lead to poor interpersonal relationships and bad business decisions. Avoid any potential friction with your colleagues by showing them that you too can be flexible so that you’ll be able to rise to the top and be successful.

Great business consultants are... DISCIPLINED

Top consultants who are highly in-demand by major companies work very hard to make sure that their clients get their money’s worth every single time. And they can’t afford to slack off because that means their reputation is at stake, not to mention the fact that they’ll be blacklisted  from the industry if they so much as give bad advice that could cost a company millions of dollars in losses. As such, consultants are extremely disciplined when it comes to work because they are highly aware that discipline lets them focus on the task at hand.


Possessing a strong sense of self-control is necessary because you need to be on your best A-game every single time you step into the workplace. You can’t hope to complete your tasks unless you’re focus isn’t at its optimal levels, and being lackadaisical with your work can have severe consequences on your career goals. Always remember that if you need to get results done fast and done well, then you have to take proactive measures by showing others that you can make things happen for as long as you exert a high level of willpower.

Great business consultants are... CONFIDENT

Perhaps the most distinctive thing about consultants that anyone can notice is how confident they sound every time they talk to people, or even watch them present their knowledge in such an erudite way. And it’s not just the way they talk; consultants project this truly aspirational aura from the way they dress to the way they move. Simply put, these people have tons of confidence, and such an attribute is needed in their line of work because they have to make people believe that their professional opinions really matter.


Working professionals in any field or industry should always feel confident because this gives them that extra boost to do well with their jobs on a daily basis. Feelings of indecision, insecurity, and hesitation will only prove to be a hindrance if you’re trying to reach your desired outcomes in work and in life. The best consultants in the world have no such time for negative behaviors because they know that a confident persona can get a person really far in life, and channeling confidence happens to be one of the most common pieces of advice they give to their clients.

Great business consultants are... PERSISTENT

Here’s the thing that you need to know about consultants: feeling rejected is something that never fazes them because they don’t take things personally. In fact, they even make it a point to work harder and not give up until they get what they want in the end. This is truly admirable considering that there are some people who give up rather easily once they are faced with the ugly reality of rejections and disappointments. Take a page from a seasoned consultant and remain persistent whenever things won’t go your way.


Take all of that negativity, all of the negative feedback, all of the disparaging criticisms, all of the pent-up frustrations boiling up inside of you and just let it all go. Don’t waste time dwelling on misery, especially if you need to get important things done at work. Consultants are tenacious and are professional enough to know that any bad comments lobbed against them in the heat of the moment aren’t to be taken personally. So now is the time for you to develop a thick skin, and keep going at it until you’re able to reach success.

Great business consultants are... INTELLECTUAL

It really goes without saying that consultants have to possess an impressive level of intelligence since they obviously didn’t get to where they are without using their brains. Furthermore, these people understand the value of constant learning due to the very nature of their work. Consultants frequently learn new things and enhance their skills in the process every time they read plenty of stuff related to work or meet someone new who may have some valuable wisdom and knowledge to share with them.


The notion that you can’t learn anything new after graduating from college and working a full-time job is a total myth. More and more people who already have steady jobs are actually making an effort to go back to school so they could take courses that will improve their knowledge base and allow them to perform at optimal levels in the workplace. If you’ve ever wanted to pursue something that you know will increase your perception of the world, then don’t hesitate to chase that dream so you’ll feel so much smarter in the end.

Great business consultants are... ADAPTABLE

No matter what kind of situation that consultants find themselves in, they are always ready to respond appropriately and know exactly what to do to resolve issues. Adaptability is important to the continuing sustenance of your career, so you have to be adaptable because the world of business is highly competitive and only the strongest can survive. To be specific, your problem solving skills will be tested accordingly as this will let you know exactly how you are able to cope with situations that are out of your comfort zone.


Consultants have mastered the art of working with grace under pressure, and that’s why most executives will never see them sweat the big stuff. In that regard, you must also channel the same level of assuredness whenever you are faced with a challenge that requires your expertise. Always remember that all eyes will be on you, so don’t focus on feeling the pressure and just rely on your smarts and past experience to work your way around the problem so that you’ll come out of the ordeal proud and triumphant.

Great business consultants are... AMBITIOUS

If there’s one thing that you can never accuse veteran consultants with, it’s that you can never say that they don’t keep their eyes on the prize at all times. Having a high level of ambition is not a bad thing at all since this element is precisely one of the key reasons why the world has so many rich and successful individuals in the first place. In the case of consultants, they are not afraid to go further when it comes to completing projects or making sure that the needs of their clients are met with exacting standards.


It’s high time for you to gather the courage and be more assertive when it comes to grabbing lucrative opportunities right in front of you. There’s a saying which says that one must go big or go home, so if you intend on making an impact within your workplace, then you need to do something about it or else face a crushing sense of failure. And for the most ambitious consultants out there, failure is never an option for them, so you should follow their lead and allow your ambitious streak to lead you into greener pastures.

Great business consultants are... SOCIABLE

Whenever consultants are rubbing shoulders with clients and other top industry bigwigs in or out of the office, they are always giving out an aura of friendliness and a desire to form lasting professional partnerships. This is because part of their job is to listen to people and help them solve problems, and they can’t do this properly unless they are highly social creatures. They rely so much on building a strong level of trust which is fundamental to their success and that of their roster of clients, so being really social does have its benefits.


Whether they’re hobnobbing at business conferences or corporate-sponsored black-tie affairs, consultants are aware that a little charm and personality can go a long way to establishing some really tight alliances. They are able to see the big picture in whatever it is that they’re doing, so you should also pattern your social activity based on how consultants behave around their clients. You’ll definitely have a considerable advantage if you’re already naturally friendly to begin with, so use that as your weapon to get ahead of the game.