9 Happy Thoughts to Find Happiness Within You

9 Happy Thoughts to Find Happiness Within You

9 Happy Thoughts to Find Happiness Within You

I want  to be happy,  you want to be happy - everyone wants to achieve this mysterious state of bliss. It's not easy to be happy with others if you are not happy from within you. But what sets apart the truly happy tribe from others is that they've made a conscious choice to be happy.

Happy people have learned that happiness starts with oneself , specifically,  it sprouts from your thoughts that make you happy. With just a couple of thoughts,  you can join the tribe of happy people all over the world!  
Start with these 9 Major Thoughts

1. Visualizing the Best Version of You


This has been shown to increase feelings of happiness and well-being.  It involves visualizing how the future you looks like after achieving your goals  and then picking the characteristics you need to use to get where you want. 

2. People are Nice


What others think about you is not essential. You cannot control others,  be it what they think about you or what they do to you. Forget what they think about you and think positively about them. 

3. Good Things Will Happen

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Surround yourself with positivity: positive people,  positive thoughts, and positive moves. Focus on the potential deep within you. A positive mind will impact your relationships in life as well as better productivity in other  life realms. 

4. Thank People

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Showing gratitude for the good things you have is the most powerful happiness boosting activity there is. It will make you happier. It will improve your relationships. It can make you a better person. 

5. You're Not Alone


It's common to get our feet stuck in deep and dark mental places in dealing with sickness, divorce or even death. It's easy to become consumed by your grief and it's easy to feel like no one else has ever felt as bad as you might feel right now. Guess what? A lot of people have. Practically every person has felt that exact emotion at one time or another. Others have won and so you're no exception. 

6. Everything Shall Pass


When life is at its worst and the center can no longer hold, when life's storms seem to rage and the tussle seems to be hard,  remember this one thing,  everything shall pass. Be strong, you are bigger than the challenge. This positivity re-energizes the body and gives one fresh strength to rise above the storms. 

7. Give


Giving makes us happier than receiving. In fact,  it can create a feedback loop of happiness. 

8. I Can Do This

stand strong

Believing in oneself gives you positive energy.  You feel relaxed and happy about what you're about to do. Maybe it's  a competition and you feel a little bit tensed about it. Remind yourself you can do it. 

9. This is What I Want

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Being honest with yourself about what you want is important.  It gives you a sense of happiness because you know who you are and what you want without second guessing yourself. 

People and circumstances will occasionally break you down.  But if you keep your mind focussed,  your heart open to possibilities and continue to put one foot in front of the other,  you will be able to quickly recover the pieces,  rebuild and get back much stronger than you ever would have been.  
Happy thoughts equal to a happy life .
Be happy.