Thoughts on Leading a Good Life

Thoughts on Leading a Good Life

Thoughts on Leading a Good Life

Everybody yearns to live an awesome life devoid of problems. But it is a hardcore fact that we have to sail across lots of problems in life. If a person laughs his heart out, that doesn't mean that he has no problems in his life. But he has the talent to handle them. But what is a good life? What is that which makes you happy?

Is it that you are successful in your career that makes you deliriously happy? No, of course not. Money can't be the only yardstick to measure happiness. Happiness or a good life is something which you have to discover. It lies hidden in yourself. Identify and explore ways to be happy.

There are certain ways to be cheerful. They are:

Constantly Find out New Ways to be Happy

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Lead a life which is worth living. Understand the fact that life is a precious gift of God. If you don't examine your life, you never know why you are gloomy. Try to find out meaning in whatever happens in your life. Constantly look for new ways to be happy. But don't try to dig too much into yourself. Otherwise, you will be baffled.

Consider Yourself to be the Best

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Having self- confidence is nothing wrong. Approve yourself. Others will follow suit. You are nothing if you don't have self- confidence. If you have some self-confidence it will liberate you from almost all problems you are facing. It will boost your resistance to negative forces.

Stop Worrying About Things Beyond Control

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I would say that you should be like a stoic philosopher. Just like Epictetus, who advocated the Stoic   philosophy, we should try to distinguish between things which are under our control and those which are beyond our control. Suppose if your company is making a loss and the reason for that is mismanagement, you can bring the situation under control by putting in some efforts.

But if it is because of the general downturn, which is common to the whole industry you can't do anything. You will just get your fingers burnt by taking some steps to tackle the situation. So be wise enough to distinguish between situations under control and situations which are not.

Realize that Restricting Factors are in Yourself


Start realizing that hampering factors reside within yourself. For instance, when you think you are balding and you look ugly, it shows that you are too much worried about what others think of you. Instead, you ignore the fact and believe that beauty lies deep inside you, people will stop criticizing you. The more you get tensed the more they will bully you.  

Don't be Disgruntled with the Slightest Provocation


It is usual for everybody to get irritated or angry. But you should let go your anger and avoid being indignant very soon. Anger is harmful than acid. Usually, it takes a time to realize that anger hurts the person who becomes angry more than the person with whom the feeling is vented to. So next time when you become irritated, you  just remember that feeling is preying on you more than anybody else.

These are the five strong tips to lead a happy and contented life.