9 Things to Remember When Everything Goes Wrong

9 Things to Remember When Everything Goes Wrong

9 Things to Remember When Everything Goes Wrong

Unexpected things happen in life and you may be caught unawares. It could be a financial loss, loss of job, a major theft, a major accident, a calamity that destroyed your assets, setback in business, loss of a dear one or it could be that someone has cheated on you. Sometimes, illness or accidents in the family can disrupt all your regular activities. Or, it could be a failure to achieve a goal or reach a target. Then, you get into despair and go into depression.

Whenever things go wrong, you curse your ill luck or if you believe in astrology, you blame your stars. Still, others may find solace in prayer. Here are 8 things to remember when everything goes wrong:

1. Some Things are Beyond Your Control

everything goes wrong

When you are on the road, you could still be hit by a vehicle despite all the precautions you take. Your investment in a company can go wrong when the market turns adverse. Likewise, a natural calamity spares no one despite all the safeguards.

2. Setbacks are Temporary

what can go wrong will go wrong

Life has its ups and downs. It can be compared to the waves in the sea. But don’t get too carried away when happy events happen in your life. And accept whatever comes after that. Whatever good or bad that happens is temporary.

3. It is not Crisis that Matters But How You Respond

respond peroperly

Steven Covey has said it is not what happens to you that matters but how you respond to it. When something happens to you can curse your bad luck, blame someone for your misery or get depressed thinking all is over. How you respond to the crisis helps you overcome it.

4. Everything Occurs Due to Some Reason and for Good

whatever happended is good

There is an oft quoted saying in the Bhagavad Gita: whatever has happened is for the good. If you have lost in business, it is an opportunity to analyze what went wrong and come up with a better business model. If you have failed in an exam, it is time to evaluate what was wrong with your learning strategies.

5 .Be Grateful for What You Have

be grateful what you have

Even when misfortune strikes you, remember there are people worse than you. Several millions go hungry, many are homeless or suffer from some disease for which they have no hope for recovery. When you find more people worse off than you and still living on hope, it is a solace.

6. Crisis can Make You Stronger

crisis makes strong

Successful people are those who have overcome several crises in their life. It could be bad health or a financial disaster or a calamity. Remember, it is setbacks that give strength to your personality and emerge happier.

7. Remain Positive

remain positive

Religious teachings tell us to accept life as it comes without getting worried about the bad things that happen in your life. Whatever happens, whether it’s good or bad has to be accepted equally. Just as darkness follows the light, life goes through twists and turns, the key is not to lose hope.

8. Have Confidence, You have Handled it Before

have confidence

Just as you tend to forget the happy times and fortunes you had, your memory is also short when it comes to past crises you have gone through and how you handled it. Most often you think the present crisis is the most difficult one but then hold on and move ahead.

9. Worrying hasn’t Cured Any Problem

worrying dont cure

When you’re faced with a problem, remember, worrying about it never takes you anywhere. The solution is to clear your mind of all negative thoughts and go out for a walk or be with supportive friends. Meditation can also calm your mind and help you overcome the setbacks.