Depression Success Stories

Depression Success Stories

Depression Success Stories

Depression can be a problem with anyone, including famous celebrities. It is not a choice but a challenge that one has to take. Various famous and renowned names like athletes, actors and singers have suffered from postpartum depression and bipolar disorder. While Ernest Hemingway preferred committing suicide because he could not confront this demon any longer, there are also people like Jon Hamm, the famous Mad Men actor, who fought back with therapies and anti-depressants.

1. Success


Success comes with various disadvantages, like the fear of losing it one day. It often misleads one to a wrong track and such people solely start thinking about their power, fame and money. It further intensifies the issue by creating insecurities. Thus, the only way to stay away from depression is to let go of insecurities and fear.Live with compassion and kindness and give people love and respect, and you will never fall in clutches of depression.

2. Depression


If you have this problem of depression, admit it to yourself and to your doctor. The only way to fight back is to accept it. Often people don’t admit that they are suffering from depression and that makes them more vulnerable to this devilish ailment.  There are medical treatments available to fight depression. Moreover, you can follow one of the following ways to ensure you lead a happy and successful life even while dealing with depression.

3. Stay Healthy


Staying healthy is very important but being obsessive about losing weight is again a mental disorder.  Go for walks, practice yoga or join a health club. Remember that self medication can be harmful, especially during treating depression problem. Stay away from alcohol and drugs.

4. Reading Helps a Lot


Try and read before going off to sleep every day, especially inspirational stories of people who have suffered from similar problems. Success stories play an important role in ,individuals. Don’t read fictions that make you sad. Read lively and motivating books.

5. Face Your Fears


Fight with your fears. Let them know who the boss here is! It would be scary initially but your heart and mind will learn to face fears once you start practicing it on a regular basis.Start talking about your depression problem openly with friends and family. Let your feeling pour out. You will feel fresh and much better! We all have one life to live. Don’t let depression take over it!

6. Take One Step at a Time


Progress happens by taking small little steps. Don’t give up. Every day try and be better than yesterday. If you cried yesterday, smile the entire day today! If you are scared of meeting people today, go and look up your parents tomorrow!

7. Look For Good Things You Are Capable of Doing


There would be many things you would be good at, like painting, swimming, cooking and sewing. Keep praising yourself for such achievements. Motivate yourself to work for the betterment of mankind. Be of some use to the society. This will make you feel happy from within.

Remember that no one else can help you get out of depression but you yourself. Bring as much positivity in your life as you can and understand that struggles in life are ought to be fought. 

Hamm went through a chronic depression after his father’s death. He was only 20 years old then. What helped him to get over his depression was a structured environment at work and therapies and a positive lifestyle!

Depression has made many suffer at its hands. While it has lead Vincent Van Gogh to create awe-inspiring paintings, it has also directed people towards alcohol and drugs in unfortunate cases. The list of celebrities who suffered from depression is endless - Abraham Lincoln, actor Marlin Brando and musician Beethoven, to name a few. Thus, one can see that depression can also be an ailment of a very successful man.