10 Questions to Ask on a First Date

10 Questions to Ask on a First Date

10 Questions to Ask on a First Date

First date is always special, where you’re both nervous and excited; you want to welcome a new world with open arms, but with your fail-safe measures activated. First date can also be a way of knowing about someone without really getting into serious relationship – and judge whether the person is compatible or not. Questions help in that respect, as also serving the purpose of an ice-breaker.

10 Questions to ask on a first date are

1. Where would you work if you were given exactly the same job offer but an option of working in any part of the world?

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It is easy to know about people from the preference of the places they have. So if you get the answer your date has, you’ll know how s/he as a person is, based on her choice.

2. Are you a Business Person or a Job Person?

This is another question that can help you know about the ambitions and traits of the person. This can help you know the person – and also get you an interesting topic of conversation which both of you can talk with zest.

3. What is the One Thing You won’t get Tired of doing?

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This question may have plenty of smiles, emotions and passions flowing. You can know many things about the person in this one question; their hobbies, passions and also, break the ice and connect on a more personal level than any superficial questions would allow.

4. Who is Your Role Model?

Another question that can help you get the flow of the conversation, and get you both talking for hours on end. This is also an identifier of whether you both have your thoughts aligned, and whether you’re okay with the differences – if any.

5. Are You a Morning or a Night person?

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There are these two types of people, morning person who wakes up early and sleeps on time at night. They are strict on schedule, and are considered to be more disciplined and work oriented. Night person, however, are those who enjoy their liberties.

6. Would You Prefer Partying or a Cozy get-together?

One of the questions that determines how the individual wants to vent out their stress, and how they want to relax. It also can be one of the unifying ways if they match.

7. Tell me About your Family

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One of the most important questions, which can also help you determine the quality of life the individual has had, who are the people he/she is closest to, and what kind of relationships they enjoy.

8. If You were Granted 3 Wishes - What would They be?

Not an ideal question to start a conversation with, but this question can feature somewhere when you’re both in the process of knowing each other. This can tick off many boxes in one go.

9. Are You a Savings or Spending Person?

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Some people like living life out loud, others like to save for tougher times and future plans. It is one of the important questions to ask when you think the relationship is going serious, and can go further ahead.

10. Are You Thoughtful or Spontaneous?

This is another question that can tell about the personality traits of the individual.

First date is a start of the things to come. After the initial pleasantries, getting the conversation going can be a challenge. Questions can pave the way for those interesting conversations and exchange of the information about the personality and personal traits in a subtle way – almost without having to ask directly. The ice-breakers, questions also determine the future of the relationship at the very onset.