4 Most Common Personality Types

4 Most Common Personality Types

4 Most Common Personality Types

We are all aware from our own experiences that it is impossible to find two people who are exactly the same in their personality, in terms of their demeanor and nature. This is one of the most wonderful mysteries of life whose cause, the experts and scientists are still trying to figure out.

However, extensive and prolonged research has proven that there are mainly 4 categories into which the general population’s personalities can be assigned to.

Let us look closer at the 4 most common personality types in human beings:

1. Extraversion

This personality is defined as being excitable and talkative in nature. Such people are of an assertive nature which accounts for their social popularity and their willingness to express themselves better in most situations.


Extraversion type of personality makes a person more outgoing and socially more active which accounts for their immense energy when it comes to social activities. These are the opposite of the introverts who tend to keep to themselves most of the time and are often considered to feel awkward in most public situations.

2. Agreeableness

This personality is determined by the dominant traits such as being more trusting as well as having more affection, kindness as well as better ability to show empathy. These are also socially active people with a selfless nature.


People having this personality type as dominant in their nature are seen to be more co-operative comparatively while those with low agreeableness tend to be significantly manipulative and highly competitive.

3. Neuroticism

This is another dominant personality type which is seen at a global level significantly today. People belonging to this category tend to show emotional instability, most noticeably characterized by mood swings and signs of depression or sadness.


The mood swings in such people tend to fluctuate between excessive sadness to high irritability. A lower presence of this personality trait in a person tends to make them more emotionally stable as well as livelier in nature.

4. Openness

This is another major personality type which has a highly imaginative and insightful perspective. People belonging to this personality types are known to be good at various things and are often multi-skilled and multi-talented.


These are the more adventurous and creative types of people that you see around who have no problem with abstract thinking at a higher than normal level.

Notice how these personalities depict the highest and the lowest range of emotions and characteristics of people, this is meant to show the personality types between the two extremes of the emotional spectrum. Always remember that a person’s natural behavior is the result of their various situational and personality variables.

The personality plays a high role in the manner that different persons tend to react differently in the same situations most of the times. In most extreme situations, a person’s underlying dominant personality tends to come out. Scientists are on a general consensus regarding these 4 most common personality types which can effectively cover the dynamically variable nature of every individual on Earth.