Things We Do Daily That Shorten Our Life

Things We Do Daily That Shorten Our Life

Things We Do Daily That Shorten Our Life

You may think your health deteriorates when you eat bad food, smoke and drink, aren’t active and don’t sleep well. You think that’s what shortens your life. But it’s not entirely true.

All these are factors from the outside world. And they gradually make your condition worse and suck the life out of you if you indulge in such unhealthy activities. But there are things going on inside of us that are much worse. Stuff we do all the time, often unconsciously, that is slowly killing us. And when it comes down to diseases and life span, things like that are crucial. The good news is that you chose to start that behavior some time ago, and it became a habit. Which means that you are the one who can stop it. Maintain Momentum in Life

So here are 6 things we do daily that shorten our life and prevent us from enjoying the present, and what to do about them

1. Living in the past


It’s one thing to just go back to some nice memories from the past every now and then, to smile about what was back then. But it’s completely another to constantly ask “what if” and play scenarios in your head of how things should have happened.

Unfortunately, many people live like that. And they are miserable, because they get lost in regrets, in fantasies, in reliving the past and not being able to be present and enjoy the now. But what’s the point of going back to yesterday, when there’s nothing you can do about it?

Everything that matters is in the present moment, and the past must only be a source of lessons about failure and experience. So let go of it and become aware of what’s going on now.

2. Wanting more and never being content

be thankful for what you have

That’s another common habit we have. It prevents us from seeing what we have and enjoying it because the moment we receive something, we want more. The solution is to reduce desires. And that can happen by focusing on the things you already have, the people in your life, the opportunities and things you love doing. See the abundance you live in and realize that it’s enough to make you happy. Then thank for it. Be grateful for every single thing in your life. Because it’s the best you can have at this moment.

3. Holding Grudges

control your anger

What’s the point of being angry at someone?

Maybe they hurt you, left you, were mean, or else. But keep in mind that most of the time people react that way because of their own insecurities. It may even have nothing to do with you. Have a Peaceful mind

Embrace forgiveness

Forgive the other person for whatever it is that he did, and yourself for holding these grudges. Let go of the anger. This way you’re freeing both you and him from carrying the past around.

4. Trying too hard to change things

go with the flow

Putting too much pressure, thinking, energy and time into changing things so that they can be the way you want them to be, is a waste of happiness and peace. Understand that there’s a natural flow of events, and going against it never ends well. But if you try to go with the flow instead, and just let things be and try to make the best of what you have, you’ll be contented and free. Peace of Mind achieve Happiness

5. Worrying about the future

stop worrying

There will never be a day in your life when you’ll know what’s going to happen next, will be prepared, and everything will go according to the plan. And the sooner you accept that, the better. But that’s not bad. Actually, that’s the beauty of life. At any moment something exciting can happen, new opportunities will come to you, you may meet your soul mate, or have a brilliant idea and decide to do something about it. Don’t let uncertainty stop you from living life to the fullest. Embrace it. Only then will you try new things, go out of your comfort zone, face your fears and change for the better.

6. Lying to yourself


You can’t really enjoy life and live long, if you aren’t honest with yourself, if you don’t admit things, accept the truth and get everything out there. I believe there’s too much tension in the body when you keep stuff you want to get out, when you try to trick yourself into believing that this is what you want (when actually you have completely different dreams and goals to achieve, and aren’t doing things you enjoy, aren’t in the company of the people you want). You’re an individual. And there are deep desires inside of you that will always find a way to come out. You shouldn’t stop them. You shouldn’t keep a job when your passion is something else. Instead, go after it. You can’t live with someone just because you don’t know how to leave him, or else. You owe it both to yourself and him to be honest and move on.

So go out there and live the life you truly want. Only this way will it be long and full of joy.