How Not To Waste Your Youth and Find Your Own Thing

How Not To Waste Your Youth and Find Your Own Thing

How Not To Waste Your Youth and Find Your Own Thing

There is nothing worse than a preachy article that tells younger people what they “should” be doing. Sadly, this article starts a little preachy, but by the time you get started on the step-by-step path, you will understand that these words have power.

They have the power to turn your mind around and change the way you think so that you can enjoy your youth without accidentally wasting it.

1. Understand That Temporary Pleasure Is Not Worth It - It Is A Waste

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The most common human follies, blunders, and outright mistakes have their basis in temporary pleasure. Make sex to somebody for half an hour and you are happy for maybe an hour, or devote your time to finding somebody that turns your world upside down so that when you make love it feels like the weight of the world has lifted and you are finally at peace.

2. Topreviewstars as a tool for getting more free time

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You can use the time these people save you to pursue your passions instead of tedious college. Sure, you need to learn stuff in college, and you cannot spend all of your time trying to live your youth to the max, but you have spent most of your life in the education system.

Is it so wrong that you want to squeeze out a little time for yourself? With this essay service, you can work towards freeing up a little of your time so you may spend it on yourself.

3. Do Something That Scares You

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You probably understand the power of being scared. It is why you watch horrors (sometimes), and it is why you go on roller coasters (sometimes). Being scared is a nasty and a fun feeling that is merged in a way that drugs cannot recreate.

Do something that scares you every now and again and you will become a better person for it. Try standing up for yourself a little harder and a little louder, or try talking to that certain person you have fancied forever but have never had the courage to go up and talk.

4. Understand That One Day You Will Die

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Okay, things just got a little heavy, but younger people’s misunderstandings about death are what keep them from truly living their lives. They see death as something that happens to old people, and their old age is so far away that they do not consider it.

You shouldn’t have to fear death because what is the point in fearing something you cannot change, it would be like fearing the night or the tide. However, you should be aware of it if you want to live a full life.

Understand that those times you spend high on weed are times you will never get back. Know that your 15 hours in bed are hours you will never get back, and one day when your time is running short, you will look back and cry for all the time you lost.

5. In 100 Years You Will Be Dust

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The previous step reminded you of the gruesome specter of death looming over you like a cloud of poisonous dust, and now here is another reminder of your untimely end. However, once you have come to understand that one day you are going to die, you need to celebrate it by living your life, and this piece of advice will help you.

The next time you are afraid to do something because you are embarrassed or do not have the nerve, tell yourself that in 100yrs you and everybody around you will be dust. You may be a teen male that has just walked into the ladies and had your pants around your ankles before realizing, only to be chased out by six angry girls.

You can spend the next three years kicking yourself and cringing, or you can remember that in 100 years you will all be dust and none of this will matter. It is oddly freeing and can be a big help if you have a habit of kicking yourself for making human mistakes.

6. Get Into Everything

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There are so many college hobbies, clubs and activities that it is almost impossible to find something that you do not like. Sometimes it is not even about the activities that they do, sometimes it is the people that are there with you.

There are some people in this world that are just a pleasure to be around, and those are the sorts of people you can meet in these clubs, on courses, and on college/campus activities. If you also happen to become interested in the activity that is occurring, then all the better.